Tapatalk logo

Need a logo. Post some here pls

The classic noob head?

Horrible suggestion, but thanks for participating.

i was grumpy when i wrote that

What size image do you need and what do you want it to look like? Or here’s a generic sheep.[ATTACH=CONFIG]3841[/ATTACH]

The sheep is perfect


Need more

What size image do you need? Also, can you bring back /b/ yet? Or give me permission to tinker with it. Also, listserver is down?

Can anyone connect to list server? I saw some connections in the log so I thought it was good.

It gives the error “There was trouble verifying your account. The SQL server is probably down.”

a big ol’ penis

Do you need a big image or a bunch of little ones? We could do beholder surrounded by noobs hammering Fung si yans head into bloody soup just an idea…

It will have to be a small image

[ATTACH=CONFIG]3845[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]3844[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]3846[/ATTACH] Just made these today for my project.

10/10 I’d eat that pig.

Got anything other than animals? Like some swords or something?

Serverlist is fixed. Blame Swedish characters for the delay.

Everyone with a server will need to restart it

Weren’t you hosting Phoenix for us?