Test Accounts

So I’m working on my server and have so far been using my (one) account to test everything. In the course of testing some stuff with the “default user” I thought “oh, if I just delete my account and then re-enter the server it’ll give me default user’s stuff. Then I can verify that everything works as I want it to for new users”.

A couple hours later I finally figured out how to give my admin account back the correct rights so that I could RC back into the server. Blech.

tldr; what’s the correct way to get multiple accounts so I can test weapons and such that require multiple players? I could register another forum account but that’s usually against the rules or something.

It’ll be fine as long as you don’t start spamming the forums with the other account.

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To answer your side question, there is a second tab for folder rights under the edit rights option in RC.

paste this and hit apply:

rw accounts/*
rw config/*
rw documents/*
rw guilds/*
rw logs/*
rw npcprops/*
rw translations/*
rw weapons/*
rw world/*
rw world/bodies/*
rw world/ganis/*
rw world/global/*
rw world/global/heads/*
rw world/global/bodies/*
rw world/global/swords/*
rw world/global/shields/*
rw world/hats/*
rw world/heads/*
rw world/images/*
rw world/shields/*
rw world/swords/*
rw world/sounds/*

We should create some test accounts that work on the game but not the forum so users can’t change password and add a server option allowtestaccounts think it would be a good idea, i’ll make a new post in feature requests

There’s an FAQ for that.

Wasn’t just recently mentioned that you could just use the guest account?

Yes, in the brand new thread that I made after posting the above…