Test your hearing


probably not conclusive of anything
I’ll do it later

16Hz was the last i could hear

19 is crackling only, I can hear the rest after that cut in and out (beginning and end) though
I’m also in a noisy room and these headphones are cheap

I have relatively bad hearing in my own opinion but it made me feel better considering I want to pursue sound engineering

edit; If I crank up my volume to max I can hear every one, lool is that cheating


Really? I’m 16kHz. Maybe my parents are right about the volume of my iPod.

My ear doctor told me the only problem with my hearing is that it’s selective.

I listen to my iPod usually at 50% or so. Rarely, 80%. I tend to deafen with hours of listening or certain music.

I got 20khz

I could hear them all. o___o

I could with my volume up higher. On three bars aka not much, I got to 19 or so clearly.

nothing over twelve , then again i got no hearing on one side , there’s the occasional annoying ringing no one else can hear and loud noise’s like explosions can make me fall over . but w/e .

18 and after that I couldn’t hear shit. I’m in a noisy room though.

I heard my old CRT TV crying a high-pitch squeal before it eventually died. No one else did.

I hate when people turn TVs on. I’m in school and someone turns a TV on 4 rooms down and I jump. Everyone looks at me. >.>

That’s because your a super human.


Same here. My hearing problem lies in the mid-range were voices are at, making it hard for me to hear what people say if they aren’t talking loud enough.

I used to have really good hearing, but I got in a fight once an got hit hard in the ear and havent heard as well since

I can hear industrial lights flickering. It’s nauseating. All schools in Sweden has them which was à big problem for me. consentrsting while feeling nauseated is ruvning hard. I wonder which freq the sound was in.

Me too… eugh.