Thanks Guys


Woot 5 players :smiley:


Thank’s guys!


I can’t log in

Probably because the server isn’t up:D
I’ll put it back up again later.

can you make a water balloon bazooka?

I recognise those tiles… are they aeko’s?

That tileset can make some good looking levels. Good job.

yeah, they are

Too bad it’s stolen. :frowning:

Who cares? We pretty much stole the graal client.

I can’t help but think these screenshots would probably be filtered as porn by most image based porn-blockers.

I stole nothing 0.0
I either asked for permission (and was granted it), made, or found these tiles marked under (Free Tiles).
Yes they are Clockwork’s ^^.

I’ll post a video soon, and try to keep the server up as much as possible.
Right now I’m just trying to fix a few things and get to know how this works, this is my first server, can’t say I didn’t get any help I had a lot of help with Graphics and Levels and a bunch of friends to come out and help me test uploads and try to glitch through doors, as well as making backing tracks (background music).

I was thinking of making this server themed: “The Wild West” but I heard that a server called the “Ol’West” was in development and I want something unique, I might just resort to something like the mid to late 1700’s. With the European influence (etc…Buildings and furniture).


Can you stop posting crap about your stupid iPhone guild?


Thank you whoever for fixing the horrible error in the title.

Thanks my bad… :bang:

As I said in my edit note, I couldn’t take it anymore.

So I logged on to this server and start getting abused. I say this server should be shut down for housing corrupt staff.

What type of abusive things did they do to you? Can you show us on this doll where they touched you?