Thanks vs. Reputation

Something that I’ve noticed since a couple of months ago is that several members that gets a lot of thanks now have super-good reputation.

It feels like the thanks system is overpowered and makes the reputation system broken.

Should a No thanks button be applied to deduct reputation instead of that little weighting thing?

also, one change to the thank you would be that you could write another message instead of that regular “Thank You Post”-text.

This is just some things I’ve been wondering about. Nothing is going to change unless you want it to be.

Rep system can be more broken if and people can give bad rep to them for no reason. I think the ‘thank you’ system works pretty good. Seeing you can remove your thanks later if it wasn’t really useful.

Something to make players lose rep needs to be added. an “No Thanks” would be good. But it can be abused.

Need a Rep Leader Board.

We could set a limit on how many thanks and no thanks you can give per user per day or overall per day.

who cares lol

You say that because you only have 23 thanks. :wink:

I personally think a thanks/no thanks system with a daily limit is a pretty good idea…

The UGCC had a good Rep system.

But the UGCC is fail.

Still, they had a good Rep system. Lol

I can’t remember what there rep system is. I’ll have to look.

I thought thanks gave the same as a rep? Would make sense if they did, as they’re basically just quick reps(than you can do more than once in day).

That’s what Thanks does, but the point of this was that nobody is taking off rep this way.

I don’t know, Spooon deleting my funny posts seems to be keeping my reputation in check, I guess you could add “Backhand”, or the ever frustrating Gravity Bomb “Bump”. If you’re upset about lopsider not having a red reputation you could always correct it manually.

updating the level to remove a ledge was too slow, bump ftw.

Oh… well I still neg rep if I think someone deserves it. I don’t see why anyone would be too lazy to do that.

I do it too, but most people do not.

Takes more effort to neg someone than to thank someone. Lol

I can already think of the top 5.

what is the POINT of a rep system anyways? we over at have a Karma system, where once a day you can add 1 or remove 1 karma point to a user (thats it, 1 user per day to keep abuse down, aka, you cant removed 1 point from user A and add a point to user B in the same day)

I dont really get the point of these reputation systems.