That "old Graal feel"

I was curious when I heard this statement. What exactly defines the “late 90’s and early 2000’s feel to it”. What does that stand in contrast to?

It would help to appreciate everyone’s ideas on this, as we continue to move forward with playerworld development. Would we eventually go down the same path to lose what made Graal special? What can we do to avoid that if this Old Graal “feel” is in fact what we want to persevere?

In my mind I would suggest the LTTP style sets us apart. Do we lose that by:

  • Adding quests?
  • Adding new player stats?
  • Adding “Levels”?
  • Adding “Grind”?
  • Changing the tileset?
  • Creating new weapons?
  • New combat styles?
  • New baddies / NPCs to fight?
  • New modes of PVP combat?

Imagine us adding a PvP “battleground” to a Graal server. Two camps fighting over a central fort… destructible bridges in the middle. Siege weapons you drive towards the goal. Can I create such things and still keep that “old Graal feel”?

How about player specialization. I could give you schools of magic to learn and advance down a Weapon path that excludes you from the other “schools of magic”.

We can add / change all sorts of things. The question is - should we? Where do we draw the line?

The old Graal feel is tile errors, shitty broken quests and ugly looking gifs.

Chat system, custom hud, kingdoms and classes bring nothing to a game by itself and should generally be ruled out.

Levels, quests, npcws and storyline are most often set aside by noob developers here for the profit of that shit leading the development to nowhere.

Developers do not want to produce a game, they want to produce a system in order to be unique.

Unique and boring as fuck.

Not falling in that trap is the key to the classic graal feel.

The “old graal feel” is more about the people and sense of community than it is style. It is a subjective statement open to some interpretation. It does not necessarily have to be limiting in a level/npc design sense. Overall the “old graal feel” involves the 90’s SNES RPG stylings such as LTTP, Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana and other similar titles. What I don’t consider to be “old graal feel” are things like Era or GraalOnline Zone…

I think GOATSE had it right in the first sentence. That was undeniably the biggest part of it, I think. Plus the fact that all of it was relatively new.

All I care about is your server looking nice so I can idle on it. I probably won’t actually play any of them.

That LTTP feel. That’s pretty much it right there. Adding new baddies/npc’s and weapons and stuff doesn’t necessarily take from it. It’s those complex systems that are comprised of 1-3 npc’s that the player carries the whole time they play. Adding level systems that introduce “Grinding” to Graal hurt it in my opinion. For newer players maybe it is nice, but for the older crowd that was around for Zelda Online and even Graal 1.39… I feel it’s a different story entirely. I think it’s pretty much about feeling like you are playing LTTP over the internet with other people.

What’s that “grinding” thing?

Grinding is killing NPC baddies to get experience and/or items

Most fancy pro 3D MMOs such as Perfect World, Grand Fantasia, WoW, or Eve have some sort of grinding and farming system. By the time you get to lvl 99 or 100 you need 60 million ish exp to lvl up again and each equal level baddy gives about 500 exp but exp and drops decrease if you are grinding baddies 10+ levels below your lvl.

O, wow… I never would have guessed.

Quiet you, you’re not funny now, and you’re not funny later. :shrug:

I wasn’t trying to be funny, really, the word sucks… I NEVER would have guessed.

Grinding is that thing you do in Tony Hawks Pro Skater, right?

That old Graal feel is chilling under the bridge with 10 other people shooting the breeze…

That old Graal feel is trying to glitch through an NPC or object so you can get somewhere you otherwise could not…

That old Graal feel is playing with 300 other people on Classic and forming long lasting friendships with other people…

That old Graal feel is the fucking game crashing.

Ohhh! You mean the preparations made pre-falling!