The connection couldn't be etablished!

So I recently downloaded the Graal2.17 folder and I am signed up to these forums but I repeatedly get this error when I click “Start” on the client.

For nickname I use the account name on these forums, the same for account. For password I use the password that I used for the forums as well, English language and I click start.
A new window opens up but right away I get this error and everything closes… I don't know exactly what I'm doing wrong, any help would be appreciated.

Re: The connection couldn’t be etablished!

guessing your client is either bunk or your arrays2.dat is wrong.

Try going into your graal folder and opening up Arrays2.dat in wordpad. Then make sure it says

Re: The connection couldn’t be etablished!

I changed the arrays2.dat with the text you specified, right after I redownloaded the entire rar file, stiill get the problem… looks like this:

Re: The connection couldn’t be etablished!

Fixed it, problem with Windows Firewall.