The Dangerless World

Update list - 10/12/08

– Three outside levels
– Seven inside levels
– Head Hut open
– Outfit Saver is free to grab at the Head Hut
– Some tiles fixes (not done)
– Spar Area open in Event House
– Anador has his house open


Ten-thousand years ago, there once stood a magical land called ‘Adventure of Fantasy’, many strange wonders used to happen here, caves that held great treasure and valleys of monsters. Until one day, a strange man that had the power to change into a dragon burned and destroyed the town and all the land had.

Only few lived, ten-thousand years into the future the land has become much smaller nothing of the magical land exists all expect for one thing, deep underground of an old cave holds a strange portal. The journey through one hundred levels seems tired-sum. A villager that wants to become a hero finds this strange cave and begins his journey to the strange portal that has been said in legends.

Enter the ‘Dangerless World’ (also aka Dangerless PK) and save the future time from its small state!

Can you get through this maze?
Can you save the past?
Can you change the future?
Is there hope?

Only you, can decide this.

Hiring - Level/Scripters

The beginning of your journey begins in the central of the island.

You explore the island for any treasure that you may need.

While going deeper into the cave, you think you are in the magical land but really your not.

After entering the portal, you are sent into the correct time…nothing seems to be in great peril…