The EPIC of Graal!

im back, see this post [url][/url]

I am building a new player world called “The EPIC of Graal!”

it has nothing so far, but i am planning on a HUGE world with lots of secrets and items.

i need YOUR help, in order to achieve this, i need lots of help, plus, having the opinion of all makes great things, like Firefox and Linux.

i need spriters, scripters, level makers, and anything else you can think of
also opinions, if you cant do anything to develop, give me ideas and ill see what i can do, IMPORTANT, if you want to do a one time contribuation, that is fine, but do not expect rc rights if you do, you do not need it to upload one item then have access to my filesytem

i will update this post whenever something new comes up.

--------------------The EPIC of Graal--------------------

the resion

i have seen plenty of servers on graal reborn, bust most of them are socal or minigame based, the only servers i saw with a plot and gameplay is the adventure server, which i had a hard time following, and Lumina which i got to almost the end way to fast on. the server

the goal

a large, fun, server with lots of content, like

lots of items with a viriety of effects, from the basic zelda items to originals

*multiple overworlds
*lots of quests
*secrets abound
*lots of charitor costomization
*plenty of quests and fun dongons
*original enemys and bosses
*i have no idea what all we can acomplish, but if we work tords this, we can make a very fun server.


nothing specular… yet :stuck_out_tongue:

now have a pk house set up so you can fight while we set

--------------------~Current Tasks~--------------------

pc costomization- not so hot, script problems

intro level - just missing cutscene and boss

first over world - remade it with a grid to prevent going off a screen and getting stuck in a wall, still trying to get the overhead map to work. also need to put in locations like houses, caves, secrets, ect.

please post all development talk about accual development in this post

Nope nice try dude… Someone has already tried to do something similar to this. It failed. Most people on reborn are already occupied in there own projects or just lazy… Get this project started by urself. Once your half done and the quality is decent you will probably get a whole lot of noobs wanting to join you and maybe a decent person. The point im trying to make is dont wait on people to join. Start it yourself and see how you hold up. You can retreat to the forums if you need some script help and me or another scripter will be glad to help you as long as youve tried it yourself first.

Good luck dude.


It doesnt hurt to be amitious, It only hurts when your ambitious and lazy…

I think xerinia is ok as it is atm I just cant finish it atm i got me laptop taken soooo

dont worrie, i was not expeting other to do the work, i am working on it as we speak, right now im trying to get the level generator to work

Someone who tries, it’s nice to see that. :slight_smile: I also wish you luck.


the sword was given to me, if i knew the command to take it down, i would have, when i learn, i am expecting a fair rematch.

ill own you :fro:

thank you! :animesmiley:

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just added the development thread :smiley:


But anyways, I do like the idea, whether it’s ‘been done’ before.