The Great Compromise


okay lets see what happens now


we need assets for logo and favicon. we must rebuild


What the fuck is this? I had to make a new account because I didn’t remember my password or e-mail. That’s okay, I grew out of the name Nelm anyways.


Hey welcome back. Feel free to make us a banner :smiley:


This is the best I can do, sorry.



not too bad. we can use this until the gfx nerds make something. thanks


I see someone’s been busy.


We still need a way to see who’s online.


you have full admin. feel free to experiment


I researched it a little when you first put up this forum software. It’s not innately possible. It would require an addon of some kind.


Please do the needful


heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy there.


hello gentlemen

remove the 20 letters thing, I can’t make a cool two word entrance


is this better




Hello world.cs


I see this is done at your company too… :joy:


I think it’s a rough hindi(or whatever) translation of something, and all americans get a kick out of repeating it.




This looks and feels good as a forum, however my old logins no longer seem to work.