The Gserver freaks out when the client downloads a pretty large file.

I recently tried out 2.4.0 and one thing I immediately noticed is that my client kept disconnecting when I enter a level with a pretty large music file. The file size is around 512kb.
The thing is though, I really didn’t have an issue with large files being downloaded before. What’s going on?

It’s happened since like… 60 revisions back.

The actual problem hasn’t been found and Nalin hasn’t been able to mimic it on his end;
It happens when there is a file over 64kb, the GServer and the Client don’t see eye to eye on the current packet delivery method.

People who have slower connections get more “disconnecting” abuse from the glitch.
It’s also the reason I had to remove music from Bomber Arena’s lobby.

Happens to me too.