The Nigh-daily gllt Thread

Welcome to the thread of the Hero of Misc![/center]


Jesus Fucking Christ

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Image for Feb 19th, since I missed it!

Will post Feb 20th image this evening, after I sleep all day and get up and find it.

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“This page has had 3,326 visits”
~ Downsider’s profile.

I win.

“This page has had 7,896 visits”
Did I win?

nice air conditioning unit

yes but you are downsider so its expected

yes but you are spooon so its expected

yes but you are hosler s- oh


O_o, seen this before somewhere…

Looks like the black guy from Left 4 Dead. I think his name is Coach.

can you tell how smart i am


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I lol’d.

wow… just wow.


awful and wrong because it is wrong

but i laughed cause im stoned

You, sir, are my hero.

Of misc.