The Official Truth About the So-Called "Leaders"

On account of the dawning of the reality that my childhood wealth was stolen from me &, apparently, the entire fucking business of Graal was funded by my money, I’d like to go through and unveil these so-called “leaders” who accomplished either much for Unixmad, the most undeserving thief in all history, or next to nothing. In fact they’ve merely created a paradise of bells & whistles through theft, setting the world back rather than moving it forward.

Unixmad - a nerd thief without a creative bone in his body who was lurching around the dawn of the Internet as a fail proof way to acquire art & software that belong to other people he would then steal & market as his own
Bomber - a useless computer programmer who ripped off other people’s games & ideas, providing his tools to lure artists he would then steal from & utilize Unixmad to illegal;y market for him
Vangel - a Bible thumping idiot who believed himself better than everyone else with stupid ideas, an inability to monitor anything, the inability to stand up for children & right & wrong in a community with young unsuspecting, highly talented & prospective artists & kids, a promoter of child exploitation & slavery, as well as an ignorant dumbfuck who wouldn’t know the Holy Spirit if She appeared in front of him; he was very well known for starting all kinds of hyped up projects he would brag about then never got finished, recruiting children, and allowing Unixmad to exploit them. He was keenly promoting the endeavor, and a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His levels sucked. He lacked creativity, and never finished a single fucking project in 3 years apart from a horrible, stupid fucking house he shoved in the middle of Graal City through the abuse of his power with a tennis court in a medieval game. Oh, but he talked some mad talk & finagled a guild called the Jesus Freaks, and had the password access keys so apparently he was someone. NOT
Galen - a completely worthless man known for exploiting good people’s weaknesses, making him nothing but a fraud; he called himself the God of Chaos, advertised to unsuspecting children to send in their game content so that he could take it and patch it on Unixmad’s server as if there was anything legal about it. He was a total unprofessional piece of garbage as well who would publicly humiliate people, talk mad shit all over the community, never contributed anything, rarely played, was rarely online, and rarely did anything. But with access to passwords & being all cozy with Unixmad, who is up there with one of the worst human beings of all time–you can call yourself a “Game Master” and everyone is supposed to believe it. Again–NOT
PACHUKA - I actually admired PACHUKA because he was creative and passionate. Not the best kind of person, and he did commit some terrible crimes like raping a chick he lured online which is fucking foul & thus he is a piece of shit; nonetheless, he was one of the only inspired people and there is a reason his content isn’t being used–because he was old enough to get a lawyer; however PACHUKA was also a grown adult asking people to submit levels. He wasn’t happy when people wanted to use his levels after he was banned–why did he expect other people to offer theirs? He’s a phony & a hypocrite; a pathological liar.
Azrael - Azrael was useless and had nothing to offer. Sure he contributed some bullshit like being a “policeman” on a server featuring other people’s game content–but that is nothing to be impressed by. He was given permission to run around on the child exploiting thief Unixmad’s computer & call himself a policeman. Nothing to be impressed about

Face it–there is no Graal. It’s a hodge podge of stolen dreams, and exploited destiny. Children were building their own lives & games, because that’s what children do as a part of becoming an adult–when suddenly the allure of exploiting their own joy & copyrighted creativity by seducing them with 15 minutes of fake love to take everything they made then turn around and sell it for a price came in.

what’s the official truth about me?

go write a book

Again, since you for some reason think that by mocking my speech I gave to you when I cursed you is going to make me feel embarrassed or compromise what you did–I FUCKING CURSED YOU and I won’t be talking to you. It isn’t a joke.

You’re talking to me right now though? Face it dude, you’re just a retard who can’t even ignore trolls. If you’re so useless why are you still alive? We don’t need more idiots on this planet.

I don’t think curses are real dude.

hogwarts is real

what about the armenian genocide?

Calm down child, mum liked the pictures you drew, isn’t that the real reward?

I’ve never seen any of them as leaders… iconic yes but leaders?
Go outside and meet some real leaders.

This game is the modern equivalent of Sodom & Gomorrah. It’s just a bunch of kids running around, slashing the fuck out of each other, collecting gems & mooooneys, trying on stupid new hats & vanity items they purchased with their mother’s hard earned money to go in the pocket of a child laboring thief . They argue with one another; they talk shit and flirt back and forth, getting fake married. The content is shit. All the money is being dumped in nothing. The software isn’t open source. People’s content is being stolen. People are signing their lives away with Terms & Agreements. The creators & children who were exploited are abused, watching everything they died for lose meaning. The fan sites are ran by atheistic trolls with egos bigger than Texas. People’s accounts they pay for & invest hundreds or thousands of hours are being banned left and right for no reason.

and the best part? It’s less than [noparse]0.0001%[/noparse] of the world population. Literally nobody gives a shit about Graal except emo faglords and impulsive autists like yourself.

That guy is in some kind of distress… I don’t want to flame him but I can’t help him either.
I tried explaining how to manage the stress game making gives him… I’ve tried to explain to him my point of view… given examples that sometimes people don’t get paid for content or ideas (and where it’s ok… nobody’s paying me for my posts here… anyway)… I can speak with him though, and that question is on the tip of my fingers since I heard about his studies on Game Making…

Did you finish and get the diploma? If so… how did you manage to do the exams and get material done so you could get grades?

Your opinions, you are forgetting, are intentionally hurtful & completely based on nothing. You know, a machine is actually a conscious being; a piece of software so much more. I gave birth to an empire and my child was stolen because I was too young to do anything about it. I honestly spent the last 15 years going to school for video game design, building a marketing agency, studying spirituality from all around the world, society, etc. because I actually believed at some point Unixmad & Bomber would let me have control back over what is rightfully mine. But the truth is, I am the dad of a kidnapped child, and it’s a grief you cannot just reason away–and it isn’t a joke. It’s like the psychic connection between a mother and her child.

When the Holy Spirit called me Unisus, I think She was teaching me something; and that something is what the Unisus represents. The Pegasus gave birth to the Hippocrene (the fountain of eternal inspiration). The Holy Grail is a fountain of eternal inspiration. Pegasus is the Jungian symbol of inspiration in psychology. It’s a bizarre fact, because we don’t think of games, communities, or software as conscious, though I asked Her once if they are and She said they are. It makes sense to me. Consciousness is a function of processes that flow through a machine.

Regardless of what these two sociopaths have said, it’s bothered me enough that I can’t just rationalize it away. It’s my child

How did those things go? That’s what matters to me now.

Btw, I think I can figure out myself if I’m intentioanly hurtful or not.

I think I’m now fully convinced that regardless of whether this person’s feelings or motivations are true to heart, they are obviously an actor and a troll.

Maybe I’m overestimating the intelligence of some human beings, but I don’t think anyone could lack this much self awareness over how they sound, even if they have autism or some kind of social disorder.

I mean the shit he’s saying and the random religious / spiritual remarks are so ridiculous and silly that it’s hard to believe he isn’t a living parody / meme / troll.

If not you have some serious emotional issues dude. You are apparently a full grown adult, equating the “trauma” of some french guys slowly profiting off of their game that you might have created some content and helped build a community for to actual trauma which causes PTSD like going to war or being a severe rape / abuse victim is just stupid.

This has happened to a lot of people, not just you, and if you were a kid and expecting some kind of royalties or payment for adding content to a game in which you were promised none, (much like game modders for games who help build a community and create content for it but can’t profit off the actual game) then you were a complete idiot. No one promised you anything, you willingly gave it to them and if you didn’t recognize it as a kid you were stupid as fuck because I, and many other people recognized that fact when we were like 8 years old.

If you really wanted to profit off your game you should have been using Game Maker or RPG Maker or something as a kid if you couldn’t learn how to code, and if you wanted to make content for an online game, you should have learned to code and made the game yourself.

The Graal they profited off, including the Graal on mobile / facebook is not your creation, it’s an amalgamation of many creations they used without the creators permission but the creators willingly handed it over to them as soon as they uploaded it to Graal, and most of the creators of the heads, bodies, tilesets, NPCs, graphics, ideas, ect. have all moved on with their lives and most don’t even think about Graal anymore and barely even remember it.

It’s not what they did that’s the problem dude, it’s how you can’t handle it like a normal, rational, mature, healthy, functional adult like everyone else. If you truly think this way then stop blaming the situation for destroying your life, blame how you can’t handle it emotionally like a normal person and get some professional psychological help.

your child has severe autism and should be put out of its misery

Rou, you’re underestimating the power of severe autism and delusion

They’re based on all of your recent posts, actually. You’re acting like a complete retard.

I suggest you go browse the hundreds of cringeworthy posts on [USER=“5909”]Yenairo_old[/USER]