The things I find out of boredom

Wow. I wonder how that “world wide attorney” worked out for him.

He only knows how to intimidate 13 year old kids.

That’s pretty funny, nice find.

Haha I have this link listed towards the bottom of my Unixmad page
It’s one of the top results when searching for his name… I do searches on google and a few other engines every few months and almost always find something new to laugh at.

I Came to Graal Reborn When I was Blacklisted by a RC on Staphane’s Official game

Because someone lied and said I was walking on walls … lol
What do you expect everything will run smoothly on (my then) a 56k dial up modem

And there won’t be any lagg while the room loads…i’ve played
video games enough to know odd things can happen due to
lag and if he want’s players to pay money to play a game he
can’t blacklist them cause there servers are overloaded and lagged
out to the max.

Sorry every time I see his problems I get upset
because I had nothing but bad expiriences on
Graal official.

u b ok man, you came to possibly the most caring community possible.

And best of all, there’s no meddling players to report you! lol.

Seriously though, we need players.

We need content to keep players.

Bomber and GtA

GTA’s a mess and bomber’s too short on content

In what way?

It relies too heavily on assumption of layout of the land and if you go away and forget what quest you’re up to it’s an absolute bugger to find out. It’s also way too big.

We should all idle on bomber or classic or that collab server that is going to be made.

That is still a thing, right?


Ok, I agree with you then. I wonder how it’d be if something as simple as a quest log were implemented on top of existing content.

Edit: Well, I don’t particularly agree with the too big part.

The quests are messy, and the respawn in quests is messed up. 99% of the time, I end up in the beginning or in a wall. The bigmap is messed up on different parts, mainly “Destiny”. The day/night system is also fucked and reloads every level you enter on the bigmap (annoying as hell) etc. I could write down all the things that is wrong with GtA in its current state if you’d like to hop on and fix it up. lol

Fixing it up would take a lot of time, but with dedicated staff to fix it all up it isn’t impossible. Better hints as to what’s next to do should also be implemented. It’s developed as if they assume people would know what to do or that there’s staff online to tell you what’s next to do…

You know what I need to spend time on, and it’s not a server right now. The only way I’d work on Graal The Adventure after that work is done is if I were the one running it anyway. I don’t know what kind of mutilations have gone on with what’s been put up already.

The current gta hosted here should be what was on official back in 2004. Although there has been some “fixes” in places by spooon and kalzor. I guess a lot of the “fixes” was because of the script limits, which no longer is a problem.

I knew those were done, at the very least. The reports of problematic quests make me question what else was done, considering I don’t recall these problems in the past.