Theres no players .2, usefull version.

RIGHT, idea 8)

Dear Peoples,

Write epic Advertiseing stuffs for graal reborn (and possibly instructions on accounts and clients for the lazy mayjority who decided not to play simply for that reson haha) here.
then i think we should choose the best or join them together, and when the playercount has gone up a bit so that we look better, we should go around graal online sending it in mass pms?? :-X :slight_smile:

Re: Theres no players .2, usefull version.

I try to keep it brief and to the point when I mass so people will get the important information before they get tired of reading and disregard it as another useless mass.

I do something like this:
[font=Times New Roman][size=2]
Free Graal!

Come play or even host your own server!

All 100% free![/size][/font]

I often don't even bother to mention that's it difference servers and a different software. That could turn some people away. Let them figure it out on their own.
At the very least, if they come and don't like it, they'll always KNOW about it.

Re: Theres no players .2, usefull version.

or refer them to graalreborn myspace

should have downloads and everything else on it.

Re: Theres no players .2, usefull version.

Once the project gets further along, we'll see more players. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: