this is messed up...

I have a .PNG file that I put into level generator the nw-txt one and I get a messed up world x.x

Here is the image I hope that I can recieve some help x.x

Yes it is an ass world.

all fixies, gmap-nw works fine :smiley:

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How do I make the map? “M” doesn’t do anything anymore x.x

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They don’t connect even though I have
loadmap zytixia;

Use the gmap one for generating.
Don’t use GMaps (loadmap) or I will fucking gut you like a fish.
You should have seen it 300 times by now, do not use gmaps.

You think we’re kidding about it? We’re not.

steal the .txt from the .nw+.txt generator, or edit your .gmap file into a .txt one (Read Map Tutorial)

Levels need to be linked (ie: a map set up) in order to generate a Map with M

ROFL you kids are making the emo angry

Nope I saw them, but I was using NW-GMAP, then took the Gmap and coverted it into a TXT because NW-TXT phails

Appropriate answer with appropriate results!