This is why I play iPhone.

I must see this picture.

One click away…

Worth it.

You don’t see it, do you?

Oh yeah, speaking of gay couples, don’t ever watch Bruno. shivers

I noticed it.

theres someone in that picture that isnt in that picture…the hand on shoulder has a wedding ring and ISNT the hand of the person on the right…

they asking people for gay orgy’s, thats just wrong

stop thinking about man sex and look.

an yet again this is y I don’t play graal

Faggots! Faggots everywhere!

wtf I was just pointing out that iPhone Graal is filled with strange-ass people and I literally laugh at loud when the image finally loads. There’s no secret hidden meaning wtf. Just two fags.

I’m amazed how everybody’s mind immediately jumps to gay . when i first saw it i thought it was just a photo of a father and his two son’s . hmmm


lol i cant post anything or else riley deletes it.

he’s ugly i would pay him to not suck my dick


Apparently finding this big gay bunny made me the best player ever. As a reward, he said something which cleared from my screen after about .25 seconds, completely unreadable, and disappeared with the worst particle effect I’ve ever seen.

I had no clue what he gave me until I realized I now had this crap in my inventory:

Looks good, huh? Well yeah, when I wear that, I get a few hundred kids asking me, “How’d u find the bunny???”

Bonus: Autistic rapper.