Tile Issues/Info needed

Shouldn't this work propper? >>
This is my issue, Only the 0,0 x,y Sets but the others don't and they look like the plain pics1.png
Any help? =/

/* Created by Teapot */ if (playerenters) { toweapons +Tiles; addtiledef2 xel_tileset0.png,x,0,0; addtiledef2 xel_tileset1.png,x,256,0; addtiledef2 xel_tileset2.png,x,512,0; addtiledef2 xel_tileset3.png,x,768,0; addtiledef2 xel_tileset4.png,x,1024,0; addtiledef2 xel_tileset5.png,x,1280,0; addtiledef2 xel_tileset6.png,x,1536,0; addtiledef2 xel_tileset7.png,x,1792,0; }
Other than this, What should I do with Scripts in general, Put them in a level and just update them when I need to update them, Or is there a folder for them?

Re: Tile Issues/Info needed

In Online mode: Are all peices under 64kb?
In Offline Mode: Are all peices within the Graal Folder (or sub folder?)

for (this.i = 0; this.i < 8; this.i++) addtiledef2 xel_tileset#v(this.i).png,levelstartswith,256*this.i,0;

Much more compact, than you for using a linear progression, and an efficient Graal compatable one, such as 256 pixels.
You can leave the ‘level startswith’ area blank, to affect all of your online/offline levels with the tileset. I notice the ‘startswith’ isn’t perfect, I recommend treating it like a “token”.

If your levelnames are named like xel_a01.nw
Try startswith: xel
Instead of: x

Re: Tile Issues/Info needed

^^ Thank you, and yeah there all at 46-54 per around that area =)