This looks pretty cool not sure if it could be compatible with Graal it says it supports plugins and isometric tiles as well as layers or transparency.

if someone could get the source code it’d probably not take much to rework it to save with the graal format

we’d probably need a special GServer to handle transparencies :confused:

you mean client

yeah. I wish I knew all this client cracking shiz.

I got the source, but I’d have to strip out alot due to the restricted nature of the graal client. In the end it’s not worth it…

Need a better client first then an editor with some cool features could be made.

i really dont think a client would be that hard to create. if i knew more about directx or opengl programming i would try and make one. though i would probably still need nalin or someone to hold my hand and tell me what data packets do what.

I wish we had support for transparency…
DirectX for lights and shit doesn’t work at all as well as it should…

I’d be all up for creating a new client, except the only problem is what hosler stated in terms of knowing how the gserver works hand in hand with the client.

i might make a non graphic client to play with.

Yep and that’s where I have to tell myself to DWI-- Deal with it, since I can’t code for shit and I can’t convince anyone to do it for me.

We have a non-graphic dummy client you could use as a base. I know à bunch of stuff about the graal packets as i’ve done my share of reverse engineering for the gserver. I also have a dummy client written in php, but I never got the encryption algoritm to work on it.

I didn’t read a single post in this thread and I can probably guess what has been said.