Today is mine

It’s my birthday :slight_smile:

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday to, FUCK!

Happy birthday Downy :u

hi downsider

:open_mouth: LIES

Happy Birthday!

As a birthday gift, Mega Graal is back online. Latest GServer from svn and on a dedicated server on US soil.

All you have to do is join the server once and tell me so I can re-add the rc-permissions.

Suggestion: Make the server singleplayer and make it more like a megaman game where the end boss is Unixman haha.

:open_mouth: happy birthday

:slight_smile: ^

Happy bday, mine next week :slight_smile:

O cool Mega Graal. I haven’t touched that in a while. Might start again, though. I want to rescript it, though :0 I was thinking co-op gameplay.

Noez! Make singleplayer megaman adventure! :slight_smile: (Megaman 2 styled ofc)

Mega Man 2… drools

C’mon now, Roll wasn’t even Megaman 2, so no Megaman 2 related Hentai for you.

Did it ever occur to you that it may be MegaMan he is drooling for?

Or maybe I like the game :[ MegaMan is fun.