Tree Tutorial

A Tutorial, with no instructions.
This is for people who suck at tiling trees, or feel they must spam a level withtree.png NPCs.
You know who you are.


HaHa i didn’t think you’d actually make another tree tutorial

Trees are fun.


They’re more fun than cliffs.

Fuk u :bang:

I actually prefer it the other way around. :bang:

Cliff tiles are even MORE fun!

might want to tell people that tree edges are non-blocking.

Also, whats with the non-editable npc in the bottom right corner?
i looked in the text and all it does is change the shape and make it so your name appears in the bottom right.

Correct :open_mouth: lol

I need help making levels anyone help?

Core blimey! This isn’t the right thread to ask in, mate!