Is the only movie that EVER got me.

and? :facehoof:

… toy story 3?

I’ve seen the first two but haven’t gotten around to the last one yet. I’ve heard several people say that it’s the best of the 3 so I don’t know why I’ve been ignoring it.

the sims 3 is a pretty cool game who doesnt afraid of anything

That was one of the things that came up when I googled “ts3” but pie does say that it’s a movie.

I never could get into the sim games. I should give them another try though. It’s been a while and one never knows how/when one’s tastes will change.

Toy Story 3

i was being silly

well quit being serious. This is misc, where serious business goes down.

In all seriousness though, how is the sims 3? If it’s higher than a 6/10 do start a thread for talking about it. 'twould like to know if it’s worth the time/money investment to give the franchise another go.

Cheers… queers… (-、-)

ts3 was horrible

^^^^ YES i havent seen ts3, i dont plan to but with all movies the first one is great, they make a second one and its okay…ish? and then from the third there just shit… Only exception to this was harry potter where the movies got more and more action resulting in a bigger and better film.

Just watched toy story 3 tonight actually. It was pretty good.

I cant bring myself to watch little kid movies. I just cant do it!

My problem in real life. When I go out to hang out with friends, the people I hang out with are total queers and love children’s movies and shit. I went to go see The Social Network with a few friends and I’m all interested and they are throwing popcorn at people and telling me how the move sucks. -_-’

I left early…

get new friends

Yeah that’s pretty lame. I fall into both camps. I don’t watch movies very much any more. But if I find myself watching something on tv or get a free red-box or something, I run the gamut (the social network, the spongebob movie, amelie, toy story 3).

Lol, doesn’t work like that, hosler.

yes it does