Turn-based battle system


Yeah, I thought you knew?
Weapons cannot weight over 64kb and you cannot upload a file of more than 64kb either on a server. The guys from DreadWalk Classic wouldn’t understand when I told them to just put their file in the right folder through Windows.

It’s probably not a thing anymore on official Graal but it’s an issue yeah.


I was vaguely aware, but I thought this might be because of the flaw in the server code that existed before I corrected it in 2013.


what about using rc2?


Oh so that’s how lol


I’ve never used it for character ganis, only monsters and objects, so I wasn’t aware of this issue.


Yeah I remember at some point the cap got raised, but still existed. As far as I’m aware, there’s still a limit as to how big your weapon script can be which is why on phoenix I actually had to split out weapons into a controller and database type model to comply.


/facepalm Leave it to Graal to have such a pointless limitation.


Hahhhh, you couldn’t be more right. Things like not being able to apply alpha values to gani attribute sprites or any kind of zoom.


Isn’t it to be expected? It’s kind of a terribly made game thrown together during an age where PC games had all sorts of arbitrary limitations. Sometimes I wish we had those days back because people came up with a lot more creative solutions, rather than just slapping a bandaid fix.


Notice the hp and mp meters work. That the enemy attacks back and dies.
There’s still quite a few things to do and bugs scattered around but I’m glad I attained that milestone.


Very cool :open_mouth:


I must say that the text animation is actually a really nice touch. I can’t say those graphics for the controls are great though, looks like they were drawn by a novice (it was all me btw).


Thanks, and it’s better than what I can do anyway so I’m keeping it :stuck_out_tongue:


Gotta remember that the game was meant to simulate Zelda, everything else is a bonus.


Can I recommend using animations like jumping? You’re probably aware of it already, but watching a character run to the enemy and then do the same slow run back is boring. Final Fantasy somehow got this right immediately (even FF1) by making the character only advance 1-2 widths of their sprite if they’re going to “walk”.

Pretty good either way, just thought I’d contribute.


double posting because I hate repairing the images every time I manually edit:

Another thought popped into my head that this could be used for PVP (PVE grind -> PVP wankfest) and have some legitimate staying power as a server on Reborn. Keep it up, I’d actually pop on to play this.


That really irritates me too​​​​​​.

[USER=“541”]hosler[/USER] Fix it!


Nothing much to show… the gif is almost the same but some things changed in the background:

Numbers are more flexible and support hundreds of millions in damage (haven’t tested billions).

The attacks can vary a bit by a set amount. Min and max variation in percentages. For example, I can set a 20DMG melee attack to vary by a total of 60% so it can hit 17 like it can hit 23… like in a normal RPG.

Stats affect attacks. A character with 60 STR doing an attack of base 20DMG on a character of 30 DEF will hit 40.

Attacks can also be evaded, the code is there but will need to fine tune through testing some stats.

When the MP is too low, you can’t cast magic.

Enemies stay dead.

That required a lot of rewriting… but here it is: the same thing (almost)


Why not center the screen onto where they are moving instead of their original position?


The focusing code was there before. I might ditch it altogether.