Turn-based battle system


+1 for the jumping, like a fast lunge at the player like cloud’s attack movement in ff7. Classic

Edit: is this going to be open source? The gif 3 posts above looks awesome



Yeah, sure. I should be done in two weeks if not sooner.

Just be aware only permanently stats affecting actions will be supported. Every attack, magic or item use triggers a putnpc so by design it should support things with status effects with a couple modifications. Especially on the save[2] attribute which currently has either a 1 for allies or a 2 for enemies. (To support status effects, that should change).

Also, base status attributes should be saved somewhere so that temporary affecting status effects can revert during or after battle (that’s important. I’ll code that).

As far as I’m aware… everything else for a classic JRPG will be supported and already coded. Apart from animations.

Once all that is done, I will code it so battles are active, such as how FFVI battles work.

YOUR gif looks awesome. Where’d you get those light effects from?

Zaz, we need to chat.


Cool that sounds awesome. Most of them were open game assets from forums, some from pinterest, and tutorials, found searching “game effect animated gif.” I avoided anything that looked like it was directly from a game.


we dbz now


GraalballZ would be pretty fun. Turn based like the legend of super saiyan game. A similar to the shit on byond.


I think DragonGraal Z sounds nicer.


Lol for 10 minutes


I live in a room with roommates. One of my roommates got stolen an 800$ worth coat, perfume and other things. I was stolen scissors. Not taking risks, I took everything I have of value and brought it to my brother’s, including my PC. So development on this thing will be postponed.

Latest updates:
submenus now scroll when you have more than 4 items to choose from. (Thanks tricxta, your code made this easy to implement)
There’s a number showing how many of items you have left, deleting them when you have none left.
All items are stored in a main list, the player’s owning list decide which are loaded.
There’s code handling when you die.
You can’t attack yourself anymore.
There was a bug with showimg when mp or hp was under 1. I corrected that.

What’s left to do:
Stats to show the correct player head. – DONE
Select all. – LATER
Steal command and drops after combat (how ironical) – LATER
Handle critical hits – LATER
Active battles like FFVI (that will require some rewriting and I’m not sure how to approach it yet) – LATER
Handle temporary status effects – LATER

Warp after fights or when you escape a battle. – DONE
Currently, only items are supported I will obviously have to code so attacks and magic are supported as well. – DONE
XP after fights. – DONE
Levelling system. – DONE

Then it can be uploaded.

Add some visual elements – DONE
Decide if the magic is going to be prizes or determined by levels – DONE
Make a tutorial

Then it can be playable.

Code in weaknesses. – 5
Recode enemies to reflect the latest changes and so they can choose different options – 6
Magic light effect – 7


Will also need to code weaknesses in. Forgot about that.


Collect the seven dragongraals to make your wish come true


Sorry I’ve been gone for the past couple weeks, got my own internet finally. How’s things progressing with this?


Same as it was when I posted that last post. Got my computer back so I’m getting right back to it as soon as it is at room temperature.


Glad to see you back.


So I hit the limit. It is about 18KB per script.

Not sure what that means then… but I can’t post on that thread.