Twitter Song.

Simply amazing…err maybe I drank too much.:redface:
Check this out.

That, my drunkard of a friend, was pleasant.

your too busy with learning Python to mess with Rune , yet you have time to look up gay video’s on youtube ?

I think yer confused. The video was awesome.
I haven’t stopped working on Rune anyway…I do a some work to it everyday.
I just haven’t bothered to host in a little whiles.

No hating allowed. >:|



Until now, I didn’t think Obama could make anything “awesome”:P.

all you gota do is add a skateboard , a pair of numb chucks and something blowing up . that is awesome tho .

shouldn’t you be trolling the dead threads ? no ones being hateful .

Random bird tweets can generally pass for a “twitter song”. Lol.

didnt watch, never liked twitter

didnt where to post this, so I do on an existing youtube thread.

Cadavre, you might as well remove the youtube tag thing, they disabled embedding. (I just went to post a vid and it showed when I clicked preview, I clicked play and it saided “Embedding Disabled by Request”)