U jelly?


gllt, you are my hero!

of misc.

level 1 sword and shield with that many hearts? o.0 u crazy?

i just got my noble sword and another heart
2 bad
pics later

moar hartz! MOAR!!!


Seems like you’re pretty on schedule, actually(though you can get the lvl 2 sword before Catfish Maw, I’m pretty sure).

no because I’ve beaten Link’s Awakening 100%

Spooon you were exempt anyhow because I figured as much
by exempt I mean if this were a contest you win

I still have my GBC version cart teehee

but I totally forgot how to play this Zelda because I have mastered (not necessarily speedrun mastered or anything but generally mastered) a few of the Zelda games but definitely not even close all of them or the gameboy ones at all


If I was playing right now I’d take an updated shot, I got my noble sword and another heart now, I’m doing eagle’s tower

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___Merged doublepost__________________

and now…