So, I logged on to Bomber to play some Mozart but the piano was in the wall.
Halp me.

Since when was there a piano there? Only staff can edit that room.

I haven’t played in a while though.

This has been happening to me with some objects on Xialza, I have to manually specify x y.
Lol, items on bomber won’t even appear for me. Only the cards.

It happens when someone logs in with a busted ass client/comp o_o
Though all clients should be the same.

Uh, the piano is on the wall for me too xD

Piano and NPCs being in walls is from someone’s fucked up comp sending a position change for the NPC. (Serverside fucked up)
If shit is missing in the arenas, delete your bomber ganis, something must’ve fucked that up too o_o (Clientside fucked up)

Alright, its fixed now.

So now it’s just you, me and a sleeping Beholder