anyone know where to get good uke tabs? pretty much every site that tries to mimic ultimate guitar tabs sucks and theyre all wrong

well I am sorely disappointed, I thought this thread was gonna be about something TOTALLY different!

Thought this was about something different, too. Disappoint.


Isn’t Uke the term for being submissive? Seme being Domi? Lol

Hence why I came in the thread.

nope. no yiffing. sorry

I’m assuming you want to play songs on your ukulele that don’t actually have a ukulele in them. In that case if you know the guitar chords you can just play it on the ukulele; a song that is played G-C-D will still be G-C-D on a ukulele.

Yes i know but i mean things that are like legit TABS not the chords. I can transcribe the chords easy peasy but tabs r different

The only reason im asking is because ukulele sucks ass and if you type ukulele tabs into google you end up with (which is shit, as mentioned before)

Lol, I see. Well, best to do it by ear then. Mostly, a ukulele is a chord based instrument the only single notes you really play are variations on the chords within the songs. So, yes. If you know the chords and what key the song is in should be pretty easy to figure it out. Good luck!

ultimate guitar tabs has some very good tabs dude, i think mxguitartabs is also good, been a while since i used that since I just use ultimateguitar, go for the 5 star rated ones

yeah ultimateguitar is good, and is good for powertabs.
unfortunately these arent uke sites, and there isnt anything as comprehensive as ultimate guitar tabs.