Unixmad hijacked and shut down the graalians forums

Thread about it ironically on the GraalOnline Forums will likely be taken down, edited or closed so look at the archive.is links
http://forums.graalonline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=134270491 - http://archive.is/oagWv
http://forums.graalonline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=134270491&page=2 - http://archive.is/90dEM

[quote]Ever since January of this year, Unixmad has been acting as an undercover moderator on the supposed player-forum Graalians under the pseudonym hape.

A few days ago the account Darlene was also registered on Graalians, albeit for what so far appears to be viewing purposes, and the account has been determined to be authentic.

Has the status of this forum therefore been reduced in some way?

This post isn’t intended as an attack, it is simply stating some facts that a lot of people are already aware of, and asking a question about the possible implications[/quote]

graalians.com - http://archive.is/SIbkY

Also both GraalOnline forums and Graalians were and are closed to new signups and have been for awhile despite that they can’t stop people from saying the truth about GraalOnline and how it’s abandoned. Ironically most of this criticism is coming from mainline iGraal people, trendies and admins and is 10 times more intense than what sad little loser fp4 banned me for saying. - They are losers all of them. Graalians should just shut down for good and so should GraalOnline and all it’s facebook and cell phone varieties. The only reason the remaining iCrap and “mobile apps” aren’t shut down is because of the few dollars unixmad is still sweeping up from the morons.

graal.in / Graal Reborn is the last free and open Graal related forum.

I wonder if the current “maintenance” is just every post in the entire history of the forum being checked and deleted if it contains criticism.

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That or either some posts at least. I’m staking odds at 50/50 that it just permanently stays in the maintenance state.

I thought given this and other developments I would check the graallibrary email and sure enough I have some more tips and information from people.

Below is the reason why graalians was locked into maintenance mode by Stephane/Hape to hide those threads and also highlights the importance of archiving everything using http://archive.is and the WayBack Machine http://archive.org/web/ and also saving websites to your hard drive, taking screenshots of them and other archiving to stop scumbags from hiding, deleting and censoring content and memory-holing things.

Graalians.com used to be a sanctuary for those who had been mistreated by Graal administration to expose them for what they are, but it has now been hijacked by Stephane: http://forums.graalonline.com/forums…30#post1741330 http://www.graalians.com/forums/show…228#post783228 (see attached picture for this link) Stephane recently made a deal with Ziro of Maloria for them to develop the server, but later randomly brought the server down and banned each of their staff’s Graal accounts for no apparent reason. He then deleted their subsequent threads on Graalians using the Hape account and banned them on the forum as well. These were soft deleted at first as you can see from the above image, then later hard-deleted to remove his trace.​ -------- Alpho has quit before ever being permitted to properly introduce himself to the community: <goog_902855118> http://www.graalians.com/forums/showthread.php?t=38916 (see attached pictures) He has quit for a number of different reasons, including not getting paid by Stephane what they had agreed, not being allowed to involve himself with PlayerWorlds or talk to the community, and the disgraced Carlito being permitted back after his release from jail.[/quote]

aaand… It’s confirmed. Unixmad hijacked graalians and shut it down.

Graal Library/NekoRoy’s Graal Site/Graal Downloads or whatever you want to call it is kind of like wikileaks except mainly focused on Graal stuff. we don’t really give information about or confirm or deny our sources. If they wan’t to come out and say Hey I am guy X the guy who told you about Y, that’s cool, but I won’t confirm or deny it from my end.

That’s ok, I already know the source :marlon:

Longue vie a Graal Reborn!

dang unixmad is weird

Everyday i’m amazed that graal is still alive haha.

What’s up guys.

hey joey

I guess Colin should have listened. Oh, but you know, when a prophet of your times & the kid who literally funded the entire game as it is known today when the company became for-profit comes to you and tells you that you need to join forces to overcome one of the greatest evils in the world today, I guess it makes sense to celebrate yourself and ostracize him instead. Yea. I mean, that’s clearly the logical subsequent course of action.

Graalians is back up, however several threads were removed and it’s clear Unixmad, Marlene and the others from the GraalOnline scumbag squad have moved in and taken over.

The Unixmad/Stephane is as predictable as a law of physics. - Anything that he can steal he will steal. - Even if someone is on his side and works for free; Unixmad will screw them over out of habit/nature every time. From PACHUKA, Fuitad and Antago to Alphos, MagicalTux and Thor, time and time again it’s simply proven.

This happened to Owl Shimy with his domain graal.net in 2000, Mafukie in 2001, MMO Game company Lager and the game Fairyland in 2006 and so many others he steals the domains and redirects them to his shitty cybersquatting sites every time.

Trusting Unixmad is something that you just don’t do unless you want to get ripped off, people like me, Antago, NekoRoy, most people here and others from the old times know this very well.

What surprises me is how Colin/fp4/whoever ran graalians could not afford to pay for the hosting/domain. I have two .com TLDs they are $10 or so a year $13-14 with whois guard. less than $5 a month extra for unlimited hosting, emails, databases and other resources and they are professional and they do not oblige fake/frivilous dmca threats and other crap. You could literally be homeless and afford to run a hosted TLD off of panhandling or recycling cans/bottles.

I have no sympathy for them, when they don’t listen to us despite us being proven right time and time again “if I’m guilty of anything it’s underestimating the evil and scumbaggery of the Stephane Portha, the Benjamin Kerensa, the Carlito Santiago, the Spark910 and all the other scumbags from GraalOnline/Cyberjoueurs/Eurocenter/Toonslab”

The evidence is there. They know about Destiny, and they know about the NPC Server which I proved Stefan a liar in my chat logs & archives. They could see Graal Bomy Moon being licensed in total evidence, knowing full well with my name all over the content, the entire mountain named after me, the bomies, and the fact that nobody really has denied that it was my second title. They see my name in Destiny still; they read PACHUKA’s statement.

They know that a child was raped out of his life and has his creative soul whored out. They know the tileset & main graphics were originally Zelda. They know the game was Zelda Online.

What it comes down to is that they, with great intention, poured plantations of filth over my good name for attention & power. They rubbed salt in every traumatic wound I possibly could have had and even blasphemed and told me I was not allowed to talk about God. When I warned them the archangels are not happy, they chose not to believe me. They have, with every purpose, requested to be abused in full adult consent most of them.

And the truth is that THEY CAN afford the hosting. I have ran a design & advertising, community development agency since I left high school in 2004.

There is zero credence whatsoever to the fact that they “needed money”. What it comes down to is that Colin is a filthy atheistic greedy psychopath who likes to save face and profit off of others, down to playing stupid, superior, uninformed, or victimized–whatever narrative to suit his needs–to procure these measures.

As a goodbye to his thick stack of black bannings, and the worst of all the one he trespassed against the wrong person who was there to save their asses–myself:


I would have hosted graalians for free because im bored

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antago… still? Come on. How are you not WAY over this more than a decade later?

On topic, though, part of me wants so badly to make NPC server scripts compatible here just for the hate it would draw from unixmad. Too bad I don’t have the drive for it anymore.

Hm. Let’s see. I created a virtual reality with my fucking name all over it, which is a living breathing evolving entity and had huuuuuge goals for it, and it was the meaning of my life–it’s being marketed to children now as a casino by an evil faggot people keep worshipping, my childhood is whored out every single minute of my life, it’s raking in millions of dollars, I’ve never been given any royalties or even credit really although none of it belongs to them. I was used for child labor, brainwashed, and worse I was attacked for it.

I’m not going to give you the satisfaction of explaining the obvious. But none the less, I am a prophet–and Unixmad is not. So when he steals my virtual land and podium, while I ended up broke and beat to shit with ideas I could not creative express so that some other guy could live the good life squandering my name and all of my resources to this day, doing whatever the hell he wants with it rather than investing it into my grandiose visions … Yea, you’re right, I suppose I should get over it–because, you know, injustice and trauma of this magnitude can just be “forgotten”.

Get real dude, and quit projecting your own fucking insecurities and simplicity onto me.

Get r3kt son.

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yeah wtf codr. antago was raped by unixmad. you cant just decide to forget that.