Unixmad hijacked and shut down the graalians forums


That’s pretty much the response I expected, unfortunately. You truly need to let it go, though.




It’s best to move on though, Unixmad is getting old and one day will die alone or with one of his male lovers. If the EU actually respected the laws it has, they would’ve tracked him down and locked him up years ago, but unfortunately they are criminal scumbags so they love people like Unixmad as long as it brings them in some tax dollars. You will never get the justice you want unless you visit Maritituis yourself, so stop complaining about it,


You all are really messed up in the head. Normally when people as rich, accomplished, and famous as you criticize me, I am wise to listen.

Unfortunately, I am having too much fun continuing my legacy and truth, and rejoicing in the death of the wicked alongside a bunch of fat trolls who can’t get up and dance when some of us have revved up the music.


damn antago. you are almost too charming. i think you are about one long prophet rape story post away from gaining your own personal antiunixmad army.


Meh, I have schizophrenia and have met more mentally ill people than you ever will. Despite that, you rejected, from the start, what I had to say on the matter. You have no wisdom, you put no importance in experience and, because of that, believe you are superior.





Well I condemn you to hell. Howbowdah

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My imaginary discussion with antago:
Me - To this point it seems like an excuse for being mad at the world.
Antago - You are a bad excuse for existing.
Me - Go buy a dictionary or at least learn to interact with people.
Antago - You are trying to diminish my glory, my knowledge is far too superior for you to imagine.
Me - What glory?
Antago - You ignorance isn’t worth an answer because I’m worth so much more than answering to such petty people.
Me - So what makes you believe you are so superior?
Antago - I was blessed with the gift of creativity by superior beings.
Me - Cool, what have you done?
Antago - Your eyes are so blind to my greatness and your mind so numb you wouldn’t know how to appreciate what I have done or understand anything I could do.

Antago’s logical loop TM

Everyone else is sick, I know how it feels.

edit: oh, right… btw I have no interest in the glory of having been ripped off by Unixmad. Keep it.


Roman Catholic sign of the cross is upside down, done with five fingers instead of three, is done from left to right instead of right to left, etc. (basically inviting demons). Antichrist’s Third Temple will have 8 chambers: a chamber per main religion; antichrist will be crowned in this temple; during crowning, he won’t read the “belief prayer” correctly (rejecting Christ and acknowledging himself); when he will take his gloves off to make sign of the cross incorrectly (just for show), many people will see his big nails and will reject him; Patriarch (who will be crowning him) will say that this is the antichrist; antichrist will kill him. Also, antichrist will kill those priests who disagree with him at the 8th “wolf” Council; others will worship him when a bird dies at his feet. Roman Catholics, Satanists, and Buddhists use the same mudras; if you see these mudras on an icon, then it’s not Orthodox icon; Orthodox icon has IC XC symbol (Jesus Christ). Roman Catholics pay drunks and prostitutes to pose for icons; passions of drunks and prostitutes transfer to those who pray to these images. Normal Orthodox icons are inspired by the Holy Spirit. Gaad in Ruski = Satan; hence, Americans = blasphemers because they always say: “Oh, my god!”. Santa (word for Saint in Satanic languages) = Satan; hence, Spanish + Italian + Portuguese = blasphemers. Anathema to Satanic languages; triple anathema. Learn Church Slavonic; no curses in it; curses = prayer to Satan. All religions except Orthodoxy worship Satan. On bread for communion: IC XC NIKA (Jesus Christ Conquers) plus cross = Orthodox; hexagram plus Dusha Maya = antichrist. Jews and Muslims pray head down (either standing, bowing, or kneeling); this is Satanic prayer. Orthodox look into the eyes of icon; energy goes their way; they get healed; head and shoulders come together to reject Satan slowly and then fast to normal showing allegiance to Christ and not the devil. Hands cannot be on groin or behind back; either put them crossing each other on chest (right over left) or just by your sides. Legs together so that a demon doesn’t run underneath your legs. Clergy who will not “put Buddhist icons and serve antichrist’s blood” will be killed; only 7 churches will be left as Pelageya of Ryazan predicted. In 2006 and at other meetings, fake patriarchs and bishops signed a bunch of documents betraying Orthodoxy by saying that all religions worship the same Supreme Being; triple anathema; don’t let heretics tell you what to do. America will be last country to switch to Euro. Three big earthquakes will shake the three superpowers; 1st big earthquake in Russia; 2nd (bigger one) in China; 3rd (biggest of the three) will be in America. NATO will nuke Ukraine to blame Russia for it; then NATO will nuke Russia from Scandinavia. 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Also, the same reason the Free Masons symbol forms a hexagon and is nearly identical to the Star of David that represents “Azrael” / “Israel”. George Washington has a plethora of old statues that have very publicly identified him as a Free Mason. The man is a Saturnist (Satanist), and that is why they began printing “money” (time) and imprisoning and murdering (harvesting) people, and claiming to own the plantation. That is why they enslaved blacks.
Because they are Satanists. Theology is based off the worship of Theos / Dyeus / Dyeus Pater (Jus-Piter) / Zeus. The “rebel army who forsake the church of Zeus” was the opposing plantations of Satanists (Saturnists). The Free Masons have a hexagonal logo for a reason, and lie to the public, hijack the theater with paid liars (actors), and claim exclusive rights to execute/harvest lives, print time, harvest (tax) time, and imprison time.

What made them “successful” dates back to the early Christian insights that the Saturnists were worshipping Saturn (Satan) under thousands of different brand names branching from the root synagogue, hijacking other people’s religions, promoting perversity, promoting divorce, promoting chaos, etc. to weaken the revolutions of the love of Zeus to obfuscate and confuse the language, and agenda.

The Greek cults never stopped existing anymore than the dinosaurs … Who merely evolved into lizards, birds, and alligators; they just evolved.


And on the first day he said… tldr


Let me quickly go through a bunch of wiki pages so that I can reply with a wall of text. Good grief.

Geiger counters are going off like mad because of this thread.


nothing said here is real. antago and goatse are only elaborate bots created by me with the objective of keeping this forum slightly interesting.


Apologies to everyone for the last post from me. I was drinking and it clearly was not serious, I don’t actually believe that, it’s a copypasta meme from yahoo answers. As for the sonic oc toilet image, I have no idea where the heck that came from. - Antago is more right than I am and more experienced on mythology stuff. Though I do find the hexagonal saturn storm and other planetery storms along with the face on Mars to be fascinating and interesting. I was printing nasa stuff as a kid at the local library’s netscape 2 kiosk back in 1996 before nasa thought the public noticed or cared and started censoring stuff.


No no, you are mistaken. Bipolarity can be coupled with psychosis but schizophrenia is not bipolarity. In other words, if I were to be bipolar I could fall into psychosis but if I was to be psychotic I wouldn’t fall into bipolarity. Also, in no way it is about being two faced. Bipolarity is summed up by:

  • How did you react to your diagnosis?
  • Oh, at first it really hit me, but then I was happy.
    There’s no being two faced in bipolarity. You’re upset, then you are happy, rince, repeat; intensely.
    No, I am schizophrenic. My type of schizophrenia is called hebephrenia. Schizophrenia is someone who has repeated psychosis episodes that are not due to drugs or any substance. Psychosis is some form of detachment from reality that I could care to describe further if you want to know more.

While I did try to support you at first, and tried to keep doing it afterwards through my memes, being vaguely supportive. When you answered to Dylan, I also felt aimed at and really did feel the need to express to you that damnit, you are not so superior and that through your posts you have shown a great deal of superiority that I attribute to you being in the first phase of experience. As shown in this graph.

I should add for context that I still have in mind you mentioning businessmen are all schizophrenic. And the reply you made when I tried to share my knowledge with you. That is the context of my first textual reply on this thread and of this one. I really do know what schizophrenia is, you don’t. I will add that you have no experience in business. You have no idea what it’s like. No matter how elaborate and extensive your replies can be. You have been very disrespectful and I am still very taken aback by the contempt you’ve shown me.I do not believe any way of saying what I have to share with you will have an impact on your self important mind.Therefore here it is with no filter, because I’m not the sheep you are trying so hard to make me feel like.

edit: Yes I’m still mad about that and how you said you would not descend yourself in your expertise for me. If that was not an expression of feeling superior then I’m a dog. I realize it is now old. I’ll try to refrain from holding grudges against you because: a. It makes your replies sound like you were right all along, b. I do not usually old grudges against people anyway and c. this is not a flamewar. d. I am expressing myself this way because your early posts on here gave the effect of communicating with a wall, I realize the situation has changed and I should adapt.
That is in no way an apology.


it’s funny because 2ndwolf is probably the nicest person on these forums


I seem to have succeeded at charming you. :smugbert:


2ndwolf, I not only chose not to read your last post, but I also want to clarify for you that you did not and cannot charm me.


It’s called covert narcissism, and quite frankly as an overt narcissist your opinion doesn’t matter. Even hookers and whores come on lovebombing at first and play the good guy much of the time in public, until the time to strike. Like a wolf in kitten’s clothing.