Unixmad hijacked and shut down the graalians forums


go ahead and let me know whose opinion does matter to you so i can set you two up with a private subforum. i kinda wanna see the other side of all this since the current trend is boring.


Could you calm down Antago? You seem to have an unbreakable belief that everyone in the world is out there to get you. I’m happy to hear what you say and everybody here is on your side. Some of them may not be receptive to everything you say but everyone hear collectively agrees Unixmad is a fraud and a scam artist who deserves the worst. I’ve personally dealt with him and know what a scumbag he is and many others have other stories they can share. Don’t turn on some of the last Graal players that are still left, we’re on your side. I enjoy having you here and take care to read all of your posts because I like seeing your unique perspective.
Love you Antago


That was jest, hosler.


Hi Elk. You sure picked a good thread to post in. Sadly this often represents the people here pretty well. You just have to ignore it.


2ndwolf, I not only chose not to read your last post, but I also want to clarify for you that you did not and cannot jest me.


My only initial concern is, who is antago? Name doesn’t ring any bells to me >_>

EDIT: I’m aware that I am unknown but I’m just curious.


Because if he has to be anything, it has to be grand or ceremonious.

I think antago will prefer introducing himself, or not. I have no idea. Stay around.

(I do somewhat remember you and you are most welcome to post whatever you like in any thread you want.)


Uh, yea, I am grand and fucking fantastic you can believe that shit mother fucker. The last thing I am is a pathetic troll on the outskirts of a game they’ve had no part in contributing to sitting around running their fucking mouth like they’re the King Shit of Satan’s Synagogue himself, full of millions of fans and followers. You’re derogatory trolls.

Antago God of Gravity // Anteros God of Love

Your OPINION has nothing to do with reality, you schizophrenic. Good luck getting Unixmad to let you creep around on his server and erase the truth to support the notion that “Antago is not an Anteros nor the God of Gravity with a Gravity tower and he did not exist because I want to scream and holler at Antago, some man I don’t know, to feel better about myself and call him a stupid little crybaby liar”.

Dude you all fucked and you ain’t go nowhere to be.

Now shut your fucking mouth because you literally just complimented me, and in foul and atrocious way because I literally just explained you are now an accomplice, willingly, by your every word, choice, expression and action to this pedophilia.


Ok, alright.
Antago helped make content on Graal Online and has been a great contributor. Like a lot of people who contributed to Graal Online, he has been mistreated by Stephane (Unixmad) and he is asking for retribution putting his mental illness as proof he deserves it. He cannot and will not move on until some unclear event happens.

If you ask me, he is a schizophrenic person and is putting the blame on whatever bad thing happened in his past, letting it linger. Or maybe Stephane’s abuse really was enough to trigger schizophrenia, no one will ever be able to tell. Whatever it is that happened, Stephane has done child abuse and justice should be made. The facts that he truly believes he is the God of Gravity (which is what his tower was called (Tower of Gravity or something) on Graal Classic)) and Anteros and has delusions of grandeur about what he did and can accomplish really do hint toward schizophrenia. I’m not saying he needs treatment or that it’d do him good or even that he needs to be taken in charge. I am not a psychiatrist and that’s what I see. Conveniently, schizophrenia’s symptomatology includes denial of the mental illness.

That’s thin… clearly; viper could add some history.


at this point im starting to think he actually is a troll. i havent seen him say anything to suggest otherwise, but whatever. his tenacity is admirable at some level.


Good to see antago hasn’t changed in 17 years. Make no mistake. He made nothing of value. 2k1 was trash.


I don’t know antago personally thus I can’t speak for him.

Does he in my opinion have a right to be mad? Yes but not quite as mad as me… as he was just ripped off and harassed by pedophiles, “as far as I know”

I was framed and attacked for crimes I did not commit, had my personal address posted on the internet along with requests to kill me or get me jailed for things that Unixmad and his staff did but I had nothing to do with.

I don’t know why Antago is blaming people on the forums so much or being so hostile. We are not the enemy, at least not all of us for sure.

You have to understand the level of shit Stephane Portha and his staff threw on innocent people, then you’re sympathy level increases even if they yell at you and think you are on Unixmad’s side.

I do however know of the period of late 1998 to 2004 pretty well.
Antago did in fact makes TONS of content including levels, graphics, NPCs and other stuff for Graal Classic for Graal2001, Bomy Island and tons of other stuff.

That stuff combined with the ripped off works of many others including the team that slaved for months making the aborted NewWorld project which was later ripped off and peiced into Graal2002/Kingdoms and the works and projects of so many people are turned into what is now the for profit scam factory of “graal mobile”


On another note…



His posts about spirituality show an amount of dedication that suggest he’s not a troll.

And thanks, viper.

Edit: That’s amazing, my_tea_4.


fucking jesus christ on a pogo stick that is hilarious.


Correct me if i’m wrong but isn’t soliciting positive reviews in exchange for an award a violation of Apple’s Appstore policies? Is there a place to report that to their abuse department?


yeah do it


Google does that… I read the whole contracts when I published Oil Factory.



calling me a pedo for trying to help you? that’s not very nice
sure I used to be a bit of shitposter but overall I made some cool stuff over the years and I’ve always hated Unixmad
in fact I pushed him to trying to sue me because of the vids I made of him and also have caused him to be butthurt by keeping a wiki page up on him.
I also gave you stephane’s dox so you should be nicer to me.

cheers my dude


You are entitled to your opinion, and I have not become hostile with you because you are not a petty little psycho bitch running away with a mouth non-stop and telling other people how to deal with their struggle.

I don’t agree that “you should be angrier” than me, although perhaps to a level similar. I do understand the vulnerability you have experienced.

But to explain some things here, I was in the public eye because I had built up my own market. This level of vulnerability took enormous risk, and as we all know I had my computer and websites hacked probably about half a dozen or more times and my HDs were released to the public. My public information was shared. My name was released. My computers & platforms destroyed, and I reincarnated over and over without anyone’s help.
When I built Graal Bomy Moon–which is a game that was based off of my own ideas and concepts, and by no means did it belong to anyone else–and Destiny, among other things, it was not without sacrifice. I held the first holiday parties on the servers. I rallied and rallied for that stupid fucking NPC Server and they took it, and sold it.

Then they took my games, and sold that shit too. Then they took my family … the community I created & belongs to me and still does, by divine right–my own business, my customers, the meaning to my life–and sold them, and took their money, and took my money and used it to buy more stuff. When I asked them for money they approached me and harassed and shamed me, very vulgar and aggressively and threatening to steal all my stuff and ban me from my own creation.

I have been unable to negotiate money with people because I have a trauma about dealing with money. That means for the past 17 years while they’ve been stealing millions of my dollars, I’ve been broke and getting under-cutted and exploited left and right. I work for free, actually. I don’t even work for money anymore–and I pretty much never have. Not since that time.

They knew what they were doing. They targeted a child and destroyed and brainwashed and robbed him on purpose because he was defenseless, and now I get to live the rest of my life or at least the last 17 years while they continually whore out and sell my graphics, hijack my story and turn it into a whorehouse of costumes for tropical islands & caviar and probably prostitutes & drugs; they lure more kids in using my name. They whore my name out, all my ideas, my customers.

My hard drives and personal information had long been leaked to the public and I was threatened with death, and even had faggots call my house phone because Graal is not actually a community it’s a show of idiots looking for attention.

Yea, you do have horrible things you are dealing with. Absolutely. But let’s not pretend that Graal was not built by the sacrifice of my entire fucking life including my ability to ask anyone for money anymore.

An injustice–a virtual genocide–doesn’t stop being an injustice no matter how much time it takes. That money is still my money and he’s still robbing me, and no they never had any intention of protecting me (with my OWN money, that they stole) when people began giving me death threats and hacking me and stealing my stuff. They thought it was funny, I’m sure.

And I do blame the people on these forums because as they choose to be a part of a community, it is their role by Christ to stick up for injustice and fight the good fight. But they are not here to fight, and therefore they are part of the problem–entirely.

Absolutely you should be very angry, nonetheless, and I enjoy hearing you voice it because I am not a zombie who wants idle talk … idle talk is a sin, as the people here.