Unixmad hijacked and shut down the graalians forums


You would have found much more support in the early days of Graal Reborn. That was a community that hated what Graal became and Unixmad.

Now, how am I supposed to fight some crooked French guy I’ve never had contact with and is benefiting from France’s broken justice system in a way that makes him untouchable (from what I gather). What’s the plan?.

And here’s a bit of numerology if that can help.
1 -> individual
7 -> living
8 -> infinite

As you say it’s been 17 years (living individual) and I can see you seem more alive than before. I am tempted to predict that on year 18 (infinite individual) you will solve many problems, mend scar and tap from the infinite with more ease that before. Should be a good year for you.


They have been hosted by toonslab for over a year, saw they were on same websevers after some cloud flare investigation I did last year.


There is plenty to do. You have me now, but if you choose to continue arguing and being defeatist, then you will do nothing.


This is utterly disgusting, by the way as well.


I appreciate your post, by the way. But to be clear I did not read it fully until now because this conversation has been extremely abusive to my situation which none of these people apart from Viper have tasted even a fraction of. So I did not enjoy the idea that “I think the world is out to get me”, as that is a paranoid schizophrenic and you do not reach this level of courage and openness with others, and clarity to attempt to rally a revolution for justice by being such.

But I have finished reading your post, and I have read 2ndwolf’s posts before as well and I appreciate all of your support.


So what’s going on with Graal at this point? Is it heading for a complete shutdown in the near future? I’d imagine nobody really has an answer, but I was curious enough to ask anyway.


i dunno. it’s weird. the ios servers have next to nothing in the form of gameplay, but people still play. i think it needs to get taken off the app stores before it will finally die.

also look at this place. none of us even play the damn game but we still sit around and talk about it. it’s magical. there is something alluring about graal that manages to unite the scum of the internet. not you guys though. you guys aint scum.


Graal is a tragic still of what should have been, but was hijacked & tweaked into a casino. The game is a garbage regurgitation from a thief who hijacked my rightful podium that belongs to me in conjunct with a community collaboration and began allowing randomly whoever he wished to add things like rifles, smiling blobs, fast food hamburger restaurants, and a countless slew of other junk. It’s a casino now, and has been ever since he stole all my beautiful content and immediately afterward February 2001 in a 6 month launch of my finished content with Destiny, Graaloween, the NPC Server, and Graal Bomy Moon in a big advertisement as “his now” and began selling it and doing whatever he wished, illegally.

I had every intention of continuing the Graal legend, but everyone allowed Unixmad to whore my soul out and you get what you deserved. You all suffer. But it’s okay because you can get it with a side of fries & pay Unixmad to keep your content.

I am unsure where the confusion lies. Graal died February 2001, and unless you pray & support the case otherwise you can quit asking.


oh is that what happened? why didnt you say so earlier?


I like gurl

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Oh wow, do I agree with that. When Graal stopped being free, it went from 1800 online users every evening to a few hundreds. That’s when it died. (It’s also when Reborn started, right?)


My money is on complete shut down in the near future. Stephane isn’t responding to anything PC Graal related these days, he even ignored my messages about the Password Exploit that it turns out he failed to fix after the 2014 client release.


Stephane won’t maintain anything because he simply can’t even if he wanted to which he doesn’t. He and the rest of the so-called “GraalOnline/ToonSlab Team” have close to zero talents or abilities, they can’t code, they can’t fix problems. the biggest talent anyone has there at present is carlito’s women beating skills… I wonder if you can make a hello world or fizz buzz out of beating and abusing women?

PC Graal is ignored entirely because there is no money there anymore. - Mobile is only kept online to keep sucking in cash but is also never significantly updated or improved at all.

Mobile graal will only shut down entirely if there is some sort of critical problem that occurs that Stephane will not be able to fix it and Stefan certainly won’t come back to help him after what happened between them. - It’s essentially a collection of old crap running on even older and unsecured servers just waiting to die if and when that happens stephane will simply fall back on his old cybersquatting and scam sites to support his cocaine and prostitute habits and leave graal dead just like he did with “Fairyland Europe” back in 04’ ish


dang. i wish i could afford a cocain and prostitute habit


all you need is a few thousand domain names, copy and paste / auto generate a few thousand pages on each domain with a few thousand words of nonsense coupled with ads and SERP spam the hell out of google and other places on the internet.

or you could do like the india pooinloo farms do and make childrens youtube videos and use view bots to get them up to 200+ million views in less than a month such as https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperSimpleSongs

also look at related videos and you start down a whole rabbit hole of creepyness, spam and weirdness that is similar to what i touched on and mentioned about the whole takeover of the opengraal domain and the shell companies, spammers and fake people behind it all. every time I talk about it i feel like a billion demons come out of hell to touch my no-no spots… it seriously frightens me almost as much as it bizarrely amuses me.


Right. Because I had actual visions for the stuff. The strangest part is when Destiny was launched it was called “the first player world!” … Although I was the biggest leader and developer, living independently in Akron, and using freeware software.

But that’s how Unixmad’s scam worked. He wouldn’t label me the owner, game developer, or administrator of anything, nor ever refer to himself as an employee, sponsor, thief, or player (which is all he was) … Even my own games. I was “HIS player” somehow. HIS property. You know, not a real person. Anything I built that belonged to me would be deceptively skewed to the public as “Unixmad’s player’s contribution”, never mind how he had nothing to do with building the Graal Classic quilt, Destiny, any of my websites or graphics. He did not pay for my rent, my food, my Internet, my e-mails. He didn’t run anything.

I downloaded free software, and somehow whatever I created for myself was “Unixmad’s, and I am Unixmad’s player”, rather than Unixmad being my player–which is the real truth, although the queer never played anything except the stock markets.

Graal immediately sunk in February 2001 when it was clear that Unixmad wasn’t just a thief in trying to rob PACHUKA, but that he was a cannibal of children.

When I created many other things to add to Destiny, they decided I was “corrupt” and so Destiny could only be played on the Graal Classic quilt. Then they literally took control of my own game away from me, and convinced me to literally just create “a different game”, aka Graal Bomy Moon.

And yes, the whole shit show continued there as Graal 2001 was a piece of crap they “allowed me create” (part of their scam) then took claim of ownership over, for the most part, and all of the content should have been condensed into Destiny instead of turned into an amusement park with work work work, laser guns, railroads, game rooms, and whatever else they could steal from my friends.

But, “all of this belonged to them”. And so everything was fucking split into a shit show of “player contributions” aka my games. The previous quilt had some great content stitched in there. But you can bet that once they snatched my content everything went downhill because it was enough to build a company.

So, they did what they wanted.

I’m “convinced” if Unixmad made you a mixed CD it’d be a pirated compilation of Britney Spears mp3s, Alice Cooper, Metallica, Cher, and some kid named Gary Terry who probably was recorded illegally on Unixmad’s iPhone through a peephole in his bedroom–and he’d charge you for it.


… as for Graal Reborn? I don’t know. I suppose it’s possible. Graal had a big underground of people angry at Unixmad, and consequently myself because they associated me with him since Unixmad kept taking credit for my stuff that was hosted on his server.

There are a number of factors that contributed to Graal Reborn.

In the early days it was mostly PACHUKA & Galen taking people’s stuff and launching it. Spider kept hacking myself and some others, and collecting the Graal versions.

Up until this point none of the hackers could unite except for Spider, frequent, hosler, Weigraff (sp?), PACHUKA, and whoever else decided to sit in an IRC. I kept trying to join their forces but they destroyed themselves by hacking me & insulting me instead. By this time everyone collectively decided they knew me and harassed me non-stop for Unixmad’s crimes, which at the age of 12-14 I had no way of defending apart from random threats & some shit I could dish up.

What I do recall is that after I subconsciously realized my life was stolen in all directions after uniting Graal Classic & the official Graal 2001 content & team, I switched identities in 2002 & I won’t go into details but I did unite all of the hackers, rounded up the content they needed, and taught them how to work together as a more professional force through Mongerz.

Sure, you had Owl Shimy’s shit hole of stupid ramblings on his website that fed the trolls, may he rest in peace … Spider’s Page of Stuff, and there was some other “Graal hacker’s” site where they attempted to act a rebel force, but it could not be done without the God of Gravity–and those secrets shall remain secret. So yes, I did unite both the capitalist & anticapitalist sides of Graal & those details at this point are irrelevant, but from what I see Graal Reborn is just a lesser version of Mongerz.


wat. how am i now the list of old school graal “hackers”? i think i was like 14 back then. furthermore, i didnt even know you existed until you showed up on graalians.


my apologies. Everyone else I mentioned did remain on the list, though PACHUKA didn’t have much to do with Spider. I thought you were the original hosler? There was someone with a name similar to yours?

Tbh I don’t even know who you are? There was someone named hoss. Really, your name does not belong on the list, as even hoss was not a hacker, though I saw you hanging out in the recent IRC channels so I “went ahead and gave you credit” for being “an old school underground person” just to “cover my bases” but really you are right you had nothing to do with us. Nonetheless I suppose maybe I don’t even know who the hell you are. When did you even start joining us?

As for “old school Graal hackers”, I will leave you off the list as I mostly threw you in there to shut you up since you keep trolling me. But if I have to be technical.

PACHUKA started an old Graal hackers guild under a pseudonym. I forget the name to be specific, but it was a blue page with black text. He used to hang out on the GraalOnline.com portable mIRC channel (I think they used mIRC). It was a widget. Armageddon and some other people hung out in there, including Galen. This was when Graal first became “something”. Galen kept adding people’s levels on a server that happened to be Unixmad’s, and Stefan was a fucking idiot who allowed a frenchman to scheme and rob children so that he didn’t have to buy his own server.

PACHUKA decided he was going to harass me for trying to “hack Graal” because I tried to join his fake guild. Armageddon taught me some trix so I booted up with Lord Krayzie & Micah over here in Akron to overthrow PACHUKA, which I successfully did in time as you can see the southern half of the map belongs to the God of Gravity although it once belonged to the God of Mischief, and that is not by accident although I won’t be speaking anymore about this now.

PACHUKA was angry when I slaughtered him for the first time, which no one was able to do, because it took more than hacking to kill a god, it took skill considering he had invincibility. Nonetheless I collected his rupees & he can go eff himself. PACHUKA waged war against me the day before 4/20 on GraalOnline.com’s official news, and so Weathervane, Spider, and Weigraff kept following me around. Then there was frequent & Corson.

They were an underground group of rag-tag rebels. Viper decided he wanted to be like them, and attempted to do so with SG111’s Sound Off. A number of these hackers kept stealing positions of power esp. since Galen, Azrael & PACHUKA were corrupt, up until I became an underground manager of Jesus Freaks & Baddies, and began getting my content on the server.

By this time, the “police force” emerged, Graal was still an infant, maybe reaching around 70 people online at a time.

But you are right, you had nothing to do with any of this.


thanks. however it’s interesting that you would admit to warping the facts just to shut me up.