Unixmad hijacked and shut down the graalians forums


Okay, I mean I explained why I made the mistake in assuming you were part of their underground activity right? Not that I care if you were or not. Honestly I am not a trial here and you have literally given me nothing but grief the entire time I’ve opened up about my life journey. I assure you, if you are attempting to now paint me as an incredibly untrustworthy liar for throwing your name half-assedly on a list in some post, and think that you are going to “take trust and respect away from me” on a forum and in a community who has literally done nothing for me except try to beat me down for the most part, apart from Viper, I really don’t care.

You have to give respect to get is, hosler. I don’t respect your loss or gain of respect for me.


i dunno man. you already damned my soul to hell. im not sure how much respect you expect out of someone after you do that to them.


I don’t expect any respect out of you, and you were damned after over a year of warning with all the proof laid before you. I came to you in the Holy Spirit discussing how Unixmad stole my life from me and used me for child labor. Did you not reject my messages? Did you not thoroughly and with sadistic joy treasure your egotistic liberty to dismiss the Holy Spirit in action? Really, you got what you deserved and you have yet to repent or humble yourself so you can remain in destruction. This is the teaching of Christ.


is it at all possible to stick your story in a forum blog? i think it would be better received if it didnt always come in the form of a topic derailment.


Is it possible to get off your lazy ass of sitting around in a community and contributing nothing to justice here? Or are you just going to lounge the fuck around all day and let shit happen, and expect the world to conform to your pretentious AMAZING SUPERIOR RULES OF ORDER that, by having no emotion where much is required (which makes you a sociopath, not a rational minded, calm or reasonable person), allows you to absolve yourself as “calm and ordered” when in fact you are worthless and OFF TOPIC to the cosmic times.

But you don’t care about truth or justice. You are a small-minded self-worshipping atheist, so go fuck yourself you pretentious piece of child-trafficking shit.


Yeah hosler, shaming people until you get what you want from them is an atrocious thing to do. You should be ashamed.


blog it


Um no. The reality is that you are living here in this community as an escape from reality, and you have no interest in venturing outside of it. So keep your rude comments to yourself as I have actual real life problems.


why not? it will still be on the forum, and you wont have to respond to every single person that tells you to get over your unixmad fixation.


We both know you are deeply insecure about having no life, and living addicted vicariously through a virtual cube.


okay but blog about it. im trying to give you an appropriate avenue to state your case.


Hosler, this high-and-mighty, “You’re spamming the forums” shit isn’t going to protect your fragile ego you fake fuck. First and foremost, you are by far one of the biggest and most rude, worthless spammers on these forums and always have been. I contribute to threads on topic, you sit around and troll people.
So if you want a fucking blog instead of hating on me and pretending you aren’t, then go write your own fucking blog you piece of shit.

You are a loser with no life. Go do something you fucking fag.

I am not going to answer to you. You are a loser. You have done nothing with your life, you are doing nothing now, and your own defense is, “I’M FOLLOWING SOCIAL CONDUCTS” (which is untrue) “AND YOU AREN’T SO GO BLOG ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF SPAMMING”.

The last trick of a little phony ass narcissistic bitch who has been exposed is to play the high-and-mighty card. You are a loser. Go fucking do something with your life, because you are contributing to the theft of mine and I’d have people like you executed. You don’t own Graal, you don’t own me, you didn’t create anything.

You are a fake ass computer addict.


Hosler, hosting and maintaining this place, doesn’t make anyone owe you anything. It’s not because this place literally exists thanks to you that you should make sure this place stays functional. Especially if it is helpful for the members.

You should listen to antago, he’s struggling to be heard and a blog is not enough. We need to raise money so his opinion appears first, as an adchoice, when people search for Graal on Google. So when people do click that link, they will be able to find antago’s rightful and supreme words anywhere and everywhere they look on this forum. He’s an opportunity not to be missed, everyone should be ashamed for not being him. When we will finally be ashamed enough and when our double standards of narcissism will finally merge and level to his, this place will glow with glory. We finally will see the truth. We will see that we have done nothing in our lives compared to him, who wrote so many words about it. We will see that there is no Graal but the transcending embodiment of antago’s creative mind. We are literally bathing in it however are not conscious of it because it’s everywhere.

We owe him every minute of our existence spent thinking about Graal because it belongs to his mind. Those very thoughts would never have been possible without his creation. Because we are thinking about something that once belonged solely to his mind we wouldn’t be anything otherwise. The piece of art Graal is, is a virtual realm that merges with reality through its complexity and perfection. There’s nothing like Graal.


Okay fag. Yea, you REALLY pegged me. Im pretty sure I said you can go to hell too, so go fuck yourself considering literally EVERY SINGLE fucking person I have spoken to in my life who is not a part of Graal has collectively and tragically had tears in their eyes when they saw the way you were treating me, and confessed an undivided repulsion and condemnation about you. So, really, I mean keep running your mouth. And FYI hosler didn’t “create this place”, Graal was created by myself mostly, and yes people consider you to be disgusting human-beings for refusing to acknowledge this. Graal Reborn is a rip-off underground community of what was already done before, and this pathetic troll including yourself are profiting off my oppression, and you are both disgusting and ugly people both inside and probably out considering you have no lives.


Disrespect is earned. I am thankful to hosler for hosting this place, this place would have died when cadavre left if it wasn’t for hosler, where else could you drop your hate now? You are just dragging people in the mud and expecting something to come out of it. You probably met no success so far in your retribution for that reason. You are way too spiteful. Your posts are unproductive. Where is all this supposed to lead? More spite? Hate brings hate. I’ve been mean, can you see how mean YOU are?


Okay, you are an ugly fucking person. Just shut the fuck up and ban me if you want to profit off robbing me to run a community you have no business in let alone running. I’ve already torn you pieces of trash into shreds. I am not going to entertain you. You are ugly, soulless fuckers going to hell


I don’t think I have the capacity to respect you and it is really hard for me to restrain from participating in your discussions because this forum is so quiet.

I have a question, does peg mean miss or right on point?
Google says missed but I’ve always read it as right on point so I am confused.


here i made him his own subforum in /b/ where he can post whatever he wants. fuckit i might even give him mod rights to it so he can tailor up the general message.

this is all trash so it needs to stay in /b/


Don’t worry, I have already saw past your guise and you no longer hurt me. You have officially lost, and your condemnation remains. Both of you, including the so-called innocent confusion of 2ndwolf. Your karma is on its way, the same fate as Colin.


Ok cool beans. At least that part is resolved. Let me know if you need mod rights in this subforum.

i think if we can keep most of the rage here then we can all be happy