Unixmad hijacked and shut down the graalians forums


You can keep playing cool all you want. You are guilty for profiting off the child labor of my childhood. I don’t want anything to do with you.
You are still a deadbeat, and a loser, and you know it. “COOL BEANS!!” I mean, how many nonchalant sarcastic remarks do you think you can make to protect your fragile ego? You’re pathetic.

None. And we both know that while you are emotionally dead inside, you still have a little voice inside you called God who tells you what you are doing is wrong, and you are therefore entirely responsible for every act you have committed, because you chose to ignore it in favor of getting emotional responses out of others for amusement rather than expressing compassion.

There is no love for you here. Bye.


Can you stop with your bile, antago. You’re bitter, stop trying to bring others down with you.


I literally just said bye, but keep trying to bait me back in as if I am summoned by God to answer to you. I don’t love you either, not as a dear friend. Shut the hell up. And as for being bitter, you don’t own the human taste buds quit acting sweet when you ain’t nothing but bland.

And you can save the obvious, “OMG ANTAGO NOW SHUT UP AND TAKE IT TO A BLOG RESPONSE” already. You are predictable. You can take your condemnation and ugliness inward. I take no shame in punishing you for promoting child slavery & theft. NO SHAME, and neither does anyone of worth reading this. You are transparent, and worthless by your own choice.

NOW SHUT UP WITH YOUR BITTERNESS AND TAKE IT TO A BLOG OMG. Wow, you really think you know how to win, you done lost mother fucker. I don’t even like these forums, you, or any of your faggot posse and I condemn you to hell as well.

And to save me the trouble, anyone else who wants to run their mouth, I condemn you to hell also.


What is hell like anyway?


Probably the mental institute Antago was kept in for the last 10 years.


Oooooh, that was mean XD


Spooon outta fuckin’ nowhere kills it


RKO out of nowhere. Bah gawd, he might be broken in half!


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