Unknown Prophecy

We are hiring Talented Scripters.

to help with a custume armor system and experience system.
we currently have a scripter but had an issue trying to get ahold of him for 3 days.

protip: learn how to do it yourself. It’s incredibly easy. :slight_smile:

protip:Not if my only skill is lating

protip:keep the protip label for pro tips

I’d help but master mol doesn’t like it when I do :frowning:

I don’t mind you teaching people how to script.

but, if you are going to be doing some scripting I’d greatly prefer it be for me D:

LATing isn’t a skill, it’s an artform.
Not knowing scripting is like not knowing how to turn off the stove. You’re going to need to learn it eventually or else.

“I can only LAT” = “I can’t do anything on my own”

Scripting is fairly easy. You may need to look up some of the terminology but the code structure is very easy to understand and replicate. The main issue you’ll have with scripting is getting the damn thing to work with how buggy the GServer is. However there are plenty of workarounds.

You’d get a much better response if you asked for someone to TEACH you rather than advertising a job as a NAT.

Just start off by making small stuff. Like buying a potion. Making that potion heal you. Then move up to something more complex. The best way to learn is to practice. Sure, half the stuff you make will be crap and not work but the prize you’re after is in the journey, not the destination. That’s what practice through trial-and-error is all about.

don’t ask anyone to teach you. none of us are teachers. were all assholes. the only way to learn is to teach yourself. pyrez is right about practice. it’s the only way to learn.

Has the time
Isn’t an asshole

Pick two

That is the most useful analysis I have ever seen of GR.

I’m working on a temp second project fixing up maloria old systems etc but ill throw out a few questions here and there all the questions i have for that script when i can’t seem to get it anywhere most of the server seems to have clientside scripts on maloria my second temp project so it will give alot of things to do for a while to learn and fix it up

gllt’s a fuckin’ genius

I’m qualified and have the time, but I’m an asshole and won’t help.

I made an armor script once, but there was a bug. Every 15 minutes you would transform into a chicken.


The Chicken motif is a true sign of quality Downsider work.

Thats because Downsider is da best of all scripters he can script everything without anyone.



There’s also Spooon, Beholder, Shiny, oh and of course the people who never get mentioned ever it seems, Nalin and Joey.

Some times I can’t figure out why something I’m scripting isn’t working, so I ask Beholder for help and we discuss all these complicated ways of doing shit only for me to find out later that my script wasn’t working because of a typo