Unknown Prophecy

i just use the C to gs1 converter i found with google

Well I thank the people who brought graal reborn without there intellegent knowledge there would of never been graal reborn.
Thank you graal reborn team.

Also Downsider I loved your dialogue system I kinda wanna use it for my storylines but the version on youtube it says gs2 and gs1 under tags but im confused you did it on a gs2 testbed server on graal online yet i copied the exact same thing and it doesn’t work? and don’t give it away I just need to know what I am missing and ill script it myself what im missing.

I found out what its missing its missing loading it as a txt file via string

protip: When you make levels, you are called a Level Designer, and if you are working on a server you are called an LAT. But when you are creating levels, you aren’t LATing, your Level Designing/Designing Levels.