Hello Everyone,

Some of you may or may not remember me from my many escapades in world of GraalOnline hacking, I just wanted to jump on here and tell all you who made something of the GServer that I am very glad to see that all that hard work was not in vein. Keep up the good work guys!


You don’t exist, fool.

holy shit it’s m1nt. i use all your trainers

im pretty sure anyone that has my old old AIM name could vouch for that but whatever haha

I have hosler’s aim name, i havent been on aim in so long so i think i will go on now haha

Lol it’s “M1nt.” I’m the guy who helped end yours and jelly’s escapades!

what you do?

why do people always relate me and jelly? jelly was a fucking faggot who took a bunch of my trainers and posted them on his site with keyloggers and trojans and shit

lmao good thread

“Team Intelligence”

oh fuck i remember team intelligence. that shit was funny.

am i the only one laughing about mint jelly

Caught a spelling mistake, I had to point that out, because of your attempt at a perfect paragraph. :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for all the hacky-trainer-thingies. Even though I never used them. rofl

I lol’d. That sounds like GO staff for sure.

Welcome back I guess. :open_mouth:

Hello. Welcome to Graal Reborn. Enjoy your brief stay.

hes already gone

That server was Atruis. Owned by my friend TheJames, the server was terrible, and It has a whole internet page dedicated to it’s history. It even has like 90% of all the staff that ever worked there.

Well this must’ve been after my graal time. I used pie’s and raven’s stuff…