Up/Down/L/R Keycodes not working?

I’m having strange problems with keycodes.
Mainly an inability to map the up,down,left and right arrows.

if (keypressed){ if (strequals(#p(1),up)){ message Working; } }
/\ Has no effect

if(keypressed){ if(keydown(0)){ message up; } }
/\ Works for The I,J,K,L and numbpad 8,4,2,6 keys. But not the arrows.

Keys setup looks like this.

Keypressed does not check for the arrow keys. You’re gonna have to use a loop of some sort and just use keydown.

keypressed, is an active function/trigger which returns a param.
Arrows keys do not trigger it (and thus no param). (Gamepad buttons too if you’re curious)

keydown(index) is a passive flag, it returns true or false when read.

keydown2(index,boolean) is also a passive flag, returning true or false when conditions are met. It is pretty much able to grab any key off of your keyboard including directional keys. The only times it cannot properly get the flag is when the client acts before the script (Pause / Qmenu / Map)

So in other words, I can use arrow keys with either keydown aslong as I put it in a timeout instead of a keypressed event?

Also, unrelated, but anyone know of a way to disable the default sfx of graal without turning sfx off. Or are they built into the gani’s?

Built into gani’s, however they are also built into the client… so sometimes you’ll hear double footsteps and such. It’s odd.

Alright that works thanks. Kinda evil how the step1 and step2 wav play with the client. Guess if you don’t want them it’s either delete or rename…