Urbania Info (recruiting)

PC: HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Laptop
Operating system:Windows Vista
Graphics:Nvidia graphics card
well i need sum help making a era type server i got the hosting part up and running yes im 13 and im willing to work hard so when i do go to college ill be ready and i need sum exp.
i need any NATs that have exp. in graal i am not gonna be babysiting people i can do most of the level making but i will need sum LATs as well.

the server will be about a city called Urbania where crime and killing takes placeā€¦ it is the urban
place where you have to try to make a living at there will also be a place called urban suburban.
which will be on the other side of the city where u cna get a house at and live there. You will need it if u dont wanna die. -opshon
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Re: Urbania Info (recruiting)

Graphics cards are irrelivant to hosting Lol

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Not an era rip off atall then