Ursan is a New Playerworld under the construction! This is server will have

  • Currently Hiring! Please email Benzy @ [email protected] to help!
  • We will make this the BEST server!
  • This server is not just one theme, it is many, you start out in the begininning of time to the future.

Please contact me or post in this thread if you would like to help!

You cant make Ursan the BEST server, because Xialza is already the best server (Other then Exotic… :P).

ILL HELP :smiley:

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Exotic is nice but it isn’t that great. Still isn’t quite as good as Zolderon, maybe almost as good as Noddess.

Ok :smiley:

Thats the first time i heard you say my server is nice… :o


Zolderon is the best server imo. Maybe you guys can make a great server too. The best of luck to you, Benzy. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is awesome now :smiley:

I like Zolderon, Xoria, Bomber, and Xialza.

You should come on Ursan, it is AWEOSMELYAWESOME Now.


TileSet uploaded and 108 levels added.

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Anyone else want to help?

What about Exotic? :mad:

I haven’t had time to check it out yet :/, ill hop on today.

Well, were still working on it… right now we REALLY need it bigmap and riley with the imagery, so it will be closed till like, a wile… but lets not get off topic here though

Ok. We need someone to make a bigmap for us!

And for exotic! XD

Yeah, erotic!

Only servers worth going on: Bomber Arena, Graal the Adventure, Zolderon, and Xialza. /thread

you forget dubelia, exotic and lumina