We’ve finally upgraded to vBulletin. (or actually in the middle of upgrading).

We are currently in the middle of upgrading our services for you guys, please wait while we do so. We have some plans for you guys, so please wait :).

A minor problem has occurred, it seems I’m going to need to create a forced gserver-update with the release of the new serverlist. It will probably contain minor bug fixes, as well as a new improved listserver-connection. :slight_smile:

COOL! I can’t login and can’t change my password so I just made a new account. btw I’m Spooon.

Yeah, same problem here. Solar wouldn’t work, or reset the password, so I had to create SolarT

I never have any luck with IRCs. They never load. I just get a large screen with a tiny X in the upper corner, like a broken image on a web site. I’ve been through this issue for a long time now (I’ve tried other ones too), so gave up even trying. No body has ever been able to help me. I’m the magnet of unsolvable problems =P

Usually means you need to install Java.

Click this link below


I have Java installed, and up to date. And the link was just that broken link box. Thanks, though

how about downloading an IRC client? there are some good and free :o

Nalin, change my password to something random and send me the password on MSN or something.

What’s md5 hash for?

md5 is a algorythm-code, not thaaat secure anymore though, cuz its used for almost every passwordsystem and encoded connections/datatransfers.

but whatev’, nobody wants to hack a free graal account >_>
i dont care for other accounts on websites either, cuz i never make an account with irl data and dont spent money O: