Versus PW name

Hi, when i start the gserver, the name becomes Versus (unofficial). The name of the folder were the files are is actually just ‘Versus’, that’s also what’s in the servers.txt file. How can i get it to not display the (unnoffical) part?

Register it on website. Page should be accessible now. So says the Cadavre.

I got to that page and it says i already have ‘Versus’ registered.

Yeah, it says the same thing when I try to register Xialza. :frowning:

You gotta put the server code in the server configure file.

Yeah it should be the same code you had before.

were can i find the code …

Well when the playerworld thing went down, it wasn’t in my “manage” section anymore.

Get someone with database access to fetch it or delete it.

All servers are still registered from before. Just because the interface is lost doesn’t mean the database is wiped! I’ll look into why you don’t have access to manage your servers.

If you don’t know the password you can just change it…

Yeah, according to the database, skoopa has access to change the password of Versus. And kondie or tricxta has access to Xialza. I sent the Versus password to skoopa though.

Awesome, thanks for the PM Cadavre. Problem fixed.

Also, i did change the password on the website interface, and input that new one in the adminconfig but after starting the server up it still said (unofficial), so maybe that password change feature on the site isnt working correctly…

Yer I registered xialza in the past, so that’s carried over.

The change password feature might be broken. Haven’t checked yet!

I’ve fixed it in the admincp though!