Vinland Again

Yay–my hours are being cut at work and it’s starting to get cold outside!! Guess that means it’s time to work on Vinland.

Summer Progress:
Since the tileset was messed up I doubt anybody played to see that there are a ton of shortcuts added to the overworld, assuming you had the unavailable hammer and yellow gloves. There are also changes to accommodate the hookshot and some diving fins.

I don’t want to give everybody staff powers, so I’m thinking about giving guilds some advantages in exchange for some player content. Mostly the right to guild shops/weapons/etc, if the guild provides the level content for their estate. To join a guild with the special weapons and such you’d have to provide a decent house for that guild’s town/fort/apartment/castle. You’re also welcome to use a modified tileset for your interior levels, “outside” levels as well if you take a cave or underwater region. Players can only join one guild, but can change if they want to be in another one.

I’m going to focus on overhauling quests, but I’ll get a sample guild together as well.

I like Vinland. I wish you good luck, mighty weapon.