Voxel Art

Taking a whack at voxel art for fun.

Obviously a very low effort and quick attempt. But I can see the potential to do a lot more if I get the time.

Feel free to post any voxel art you guys have made. Particularly I’d love to see something Zelda/Graal/VG related.


Lol awesome

Yes nice work i like it.

That’s pretty darn neat. It actually reminds me of something that Dusty (I think) did years ago in blender or something. He modeled and textured one of the Graal buildings.

How’s voxel art done? I haven’t ever looked into it. Is it just like box modeling? e.g using primitive box objects in 3DS max, Blender, etc and grouping them together to make one model?

I mean as far as voxels itself, the underlying technology, and rendering methods are different but yeah pretty much. The very basics of it don’t feel much different than playing minecraft, you just place colored blocks and build. In fact if I had to compare (obviously there are more complex tools and sculpting, ect.) it feels like making pixel art. A lot more fun than traditional 3D modeling. Not that 3D modeling isn’t fun either, I did that casually for a year or so. But ultimately it was just complex enough not to be fun most of the time, and good topology, texture mapping / painting, ect. was all just extremely tedious.

This on the other hand felt very close to making pixel art, I think it’s the closest 3D equivalent to making pixel art, or legos / minecraft. It just made it really fun, I highly recommend trying it.

Ah, cool, cool. I might have to look into it as it sounds pretty neat.

I feel your pain in the 3D modeling XD especially with textures and wrapping.

Here some images build with the graal tileset:

Nice, we had a contest for that a couple of years ago.

Forgot I made this, was looking through my folders and saw them so I thought I might as well post it.

Anyone else watching AGDQ?

I don’t even know what that acronym stands for, so no.

awesome games done quick

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Awesome games done quick is a charity event benifiting the prevent cancer funds(?) Where speedrunners run games live while explaining what’s going on. It’s quite nice and happens twice yearly.

because it’s so frequent, it’s hard for me to care when it does come around. It’s like “oh, that again.”

Yeah, some runs are repetitive but when they run new games, especially some I’ve played, it gets interesting.
They played BoTW last night but it was way too late so I’ll watch it on youtube once it gets online.