Way to go


I just happened to be looking for something to relive my old graal-days (I don’t even recall it being named classic back then? oh well) and have to say I am extremely excited to hear about this project. If I get the time I’ll see if I can add my 2 cents (I’m brainstorming about some AI components, being an AI student and all, but I have no clue what is possible within Graal yet), but for now I’ll just stick around and ask some stuff.

Talking about asking stuff.
Seeing as I was able to connect to a few servers and walk around, don’t you think it is time to hit for the public? If we can create a little gaming hype, in my opinion it would be just a matter of time (especially with the summer arriving fast) until the whole project goes into acceleration… but then again, it might just be me being (over)excited.

Keep up the great work & hope I can be of any help.
~ saph

O.o no more novels thx

W/e dude. Do you always make people feel this welcome? >.>

He usually makes people feel awful but it’s nice to know you feel welcome.



Confusing stuff. I’ll just… erm. go…eat something… Don’t hate me? lol.

See you people around.

These guys are an acquired taste… like anchovies. Except I hate anchovies. So there you go.

Lol, Spooon are always like this. Dunno why. :stuck_out_tongue:





This actually had meaning behind it >_<. Rememebr in Ground Hog Day movie, starring Bill Murry when it be the same day over and over again. This post is a good analogy of the movie as it seems another player randomly found GR wanting t he good old days again. coming up with brilliant solution, enthusiasm in bringing in new people to GR and then they go and disappear and another replaces him promising to do the same kind of like that one thing Dangerless posted up about once there was a game then they added guns to it etc…

You make a good point, forgot the USA had summer (it’s pissing down rain here)

Everywhere in the US except the North East is 100+ Fahrenheit most of the time… North East is just rain…



No, thanks. New Hampshire is the only place for me.