web proxy that works

Im sick of being blocked out of websites on this damn computer!!!
Does anyone know any good proxy sites or whatever the fuck those things are called.If so it would be awesome if you couldgive me a link.:stuck_out_tongue:

There was another one but I cant remember it. Have fun dude

thanks but it dosnt work with this K9 thing. I know Spooon has some kind of card up his sleeve.But hes prolly nappin under his bridge.

Theres one thats like ihatemyschool.com myschoolsucks.com or something like that

when i was in high school i setup my own proxy with my home computer. as long as it was running on port 80 i could access it. just run an ssh server on port 80 and use putty to tunnel. then youre set.

you should teach me so i can play graalon my school computers

google would be a better teacher for this. i have no idea what is the easiest ssh server to setup in windows. there is probably a simpler proxy server you can just download, too.

you should add one to hosbox


K9 rejected it :frowning:



Or you could stop trying and do your fucking work.

ehhh… im good id rather fuck around on the 1nt3rwebz instead.