Website with about 600-1000 members, 35GB is more then enough.. right? :p

Website with about 600-1000 members, 35GB is more then enough bandwidth… right? :smiley:

On the average estimate that a given member might look at about 12 different pages a day and I would say at any given time 20-30 people might be on at once, and maybe 150ish through-out the day.

Other things to note are that it will be mostly text, with some pictures here and there. There won’t be any Videos/Music on the site so it won’t eat up any sort of crazy bandwidth.

You can never have enough bandwidth, hell, I have nearly 50gb on a site that gets no traffic at all. Am I wasting my money? Probably, but meh, I like the security.

Just get twice what you calculated and it should be fine :]

Why does it matter?

Prob. he only has a limited ammount … or he has to pay if he gets over a limit… w/e.

Oh. Thought he was just asking a random question.

lol. Maybe hes calculating GraalReborns bandwith :smiley:

Even though that many members would be awsome.

Doing calculations for a site I plan to launch that will have close to that, if not more then that members-wise. 35GB is a plan I was looking into that was fairly cheap from a web-hosting company. The more bandwidth I want the more I have to pay. I basically want some bandwidth for that amount of members, plus an extra amount for a potential growth if I get more then i’m expecting.

I could probably significantly boost GR’s member-base once I launch a little niche’ website I have planned way down the line for gamers n’ such.