Who is doing what with the website? If you’re designing it, start designing. This is happening now; and so far, nobody has contributed anything.

rockman.c offered his help, dunno what happened with that.

I am literally incapable of doing anything useful website-wise. I’m a mapper and an artist, not a technical guy. Give me the paintbrush or whatever tools and I can get to work, but don’t expect me to help code a website, that’s not in my realm of knowledge.

As long as we are listing problems, tapatalk support also appears to be failing.

tapatalk is under opengraal now. not reborn name.

Found it. Wow, looks bad with stock images.

That’s not stock. Its a picture of cadavres broken code. It was all I had at the time. We will need a lot of new things this year.

Let’s hope for this initiative to not only be words. I’ll make sure to help in what I can.

Since rockman.c seems to have disappeared… I can easily make the website functional with a little time and access to the resources. As I previously mentioned, only thing though I will wait for reborn’s safety to be confirmed before I start.

That said, didn’t hosler accidentally buy server space lately? Maybe it couldn’t host the game but it sure could host the website.

I’m working on it. Forums are all set to go. I just need to get server list and domains setup