When is the website gonna look not retarded?

When you git gud

when this site isn’t run by people that have a fetish for 90’s internet so never


where the fuck did you two crawl out of

seriously though define “not retarded”

pieisownage isn’t exactly the best person to ask for the definition of “not retarded”

were all waiting on yenairo

… I have no clue what you’re waiting on me for and at this point I’m too afraid to ask.

I vote that we have the guy that made this website redesign everything.

That or the L33T P3T3’S l33t GRAaL SIGHT

ur the webmaster. you can figure it out.

oh I’m the webmaster? I propose we shut down the forums and put Graal out of its misery then. Muahaha

thats not a prerogative of the webmaster. now get to work.

I just want the main fuckin’ page to work so I have a reason to put my server up. That includes proper download links and everything.

You could be playing this.

Heyyy kondie. I heard you’re a web dev.

Haha, I’m not. My major is CS Information Security.

counter strike information security? damn you’re gonna work for counter strike??!

Xialza <3

:o that’s a nice idea with those tiles for clouds!

It doesn’t take a Computer Science major to get this done and it does not need to be super fancy to do well. you can just take any old website like and change the links around, or use a template. or you can be super quick/cheap/cheesy and just use frames/iframes with everything that already exists such as and that took like 1 minute to slap together.