Nothing wrong with the site we have, just need to make shit work.

You do realize we want the website to actually look good, right? That link looks like absolute shit. We need something that’s easy to navigate and use, but also has a good look to it. I’m enjoying where the main site is headed, I just think we need to get it actually working. Not even a fuckin’ download link available on the main page… That’s ridiculous.

ok the site now features a link to some downloads

use this link!-(Updated-06-03-2015)&p=113831&viewfull=1#post113831
and spell “mirrors” right

Also what the fuck is the link to the main page of the site now? Seems like most of the mirrors are no longer owned.

what mirrors are you using?

how about some designs

Yen, don’t listen to him. The site is fine.

I’m not really mad, but I haven’t had any creativity lately whatsoever. If someone would just hand me a design I’d probably be able to work with it.

If the site really is fine, then that’s alright. But, I’m not really satisfied.

I wasn’t saying that the site was bad because of the design, I was saying it’s bad because of lack of functionality. It could use some work design-wise, but currently the best thing would be to just add all the features.

oh. Other than “some broken php” that Hosler commented on, my version of the site has some more functionality than the live version.

I’m not exactly sure how I’m supposed to connect listserver features to the site considering I don’t know how any of that crap works in the first place. Even then, it would be something I’d have to learn from scratch cause I have no experience outside of HTML and CSS. In other words, it’s (probably) completely up to Hosler to do that considering he’s the one in charge and has more access to stuff than I do.

Hosler, get your ass on that shit. Make playerworlds registerable again too. Also, make the account password and forums password the fucking same. You guys all bitch that it should be so simple, but clearly nobody understands that it needs to be registered differently and it’d fix a lot of confusion.

who made you in charge big guy?

pls don’t. The client we have is vulnerable to hacking (if it weren’t we wouldn’t be here) to the degree where stealing passwords wouldn’t be impossible. All someone would have to do is hack the list server for our passwords and they would have access to everything. I do agree it needs to be made simpler though.

I-I’m not saying this because I accidentally leaked the list server password when I was learning the ropes or anything and I’m not afraid it’s still hanging around on the dankest depths of the internet for someone to exploit nope nope

edit: all I need is honesty from the people who have power. Can they do the things we expect from them? Does Hosler even know how the list server works and how to connect data? I assume Cadavre gave access to Hosler because he was capable. If not he would’ve just let the site die overnight when he left. If he somehow doesn’t (don’t worry Hosler, I believe in you buddy) then I want to learn it myself.

If Hosler does know how to do these things he should either teach me how to do it if he’s not able to get around to doing it himself, or it would be nice if he would take my fixes to the site layout and do his share of the work that I’m waiting on him for. Simply getting server data up and streamlining the registration process like we had back in 2011 would be enough for now.

edit2: about mirrors, is there a specific reason we’re using mirrors as a primary download source? Mirrors are usually supposed to be for when the site itself has stopped working. If it’s possible, I would like to make the site hand out those files. If there’s a bandwidth issue that’s understandable, I just wanna know about the situation more.

I’ll do all this when I damn well please. Also, cadavre didn’t pass on anything. I just happened to have everything when he left. Or maybe that was jatz I dunno. Bottom line is that if you want something done you had better to it yourself. I’ve always maintained the idea that if anyone wants to work on stuff I’ll give them the tools/access to do it.

Yen your version looks good

furthermore, i dont consider myself in charge here. you guys make your own decisions. having said that, the only thing im willing to offer is hosting. that means hosting for forums, site, and any gserver/listserver you guys want. any other development i dont give two shits about. everything i have done so far was because i was bored.

ill say it again: if anyone wants something done, go do it. i wont stop you and ill even give you full access to do it.

I’m okay with that, Graal was all about crowdsourcing in its golden days and I believe Reborn is there because enough people would have preferred it to stay that way.
Oh, and free… free stuff is better.

The only reason I was saying you should do that stuff, Hosler, is because nobody else knows how. If it takes too much time, that’s understandable, but literally nobody else knows shit about it.

well if you guys dont mind waiting till i feel like working on it then yeah sure. ill take care of everything eventually. instant results are all you.

Fair enough. <3

I’m the boss now. hosler do the thing